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    I actually find the Ralts family to be pretty useless. I tried to finish a single-Pokemon playthrough of Emerald with only a Gardevoir, but it learns NOTHING but Psychic-type attacks when leveling up and isn't compatible with that many TMs, plus its Defense and regular Attack are pretty bad. I had to renege and keep my Torchic in my party (which I eventually had to level up to a Blaziken because there were so many Dark-type Pokemon [and other strong ones for which Gardevoir wouldn't cut it] that I had to fight over the course of the game).

    The Snivy family would also work. A garbage movepool is acceptable for a pretty weak Pokemon overall, but not for a starter.

    Same with the Ponyta family (again, movepool - this also goes for many other Fire- and Electric-type Pokemon), most Ground/Rock Pokemon (Water- and Grass-type attacks are an obvious choice and quite common, plus most Ground/Rock-types have awful Special Defense), and all of the final dragon families (Dratini, Larvitar, etc. - they're strong, but not that strong considering how long they take to level up and evolve).

    There are some Pokemon I found to be criminally overlooked, though, and very useful to me, such as Electabuzz (even before being an Electivire), Jynx, Porygon2, Dusclops, Poliwrath, Butterfree (most people seem to ditch it after beating Brock in Kanto if they picked Charmander), Claydol, Lapras, Scrafty, and Heracross.

    It seems like the only Pokemon anyone uses competitively anymore are starters, legal legendaries (birds, dogs, Regis, etc.), final dragons, Milotic, Gengar, Staraptor, Machamp, Steelix, and Gardevoir. Kind of annoying, really.
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