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Seriously. It's mostly about who you know. I know that when you try to get a part time job, sometimes they make you take (bogus) tests to find out what kind of worker you are. I've seen a few with some questions that look just like this one, but also ask if luck or "who you know" has something to do with it. Obviously, you never want to answer anything that makes it seem like you have no control, because you're trying to get the job. But I think realistically, everyone is aware of the fact that you need to have a minimum amount of contacts and connections to do anything more than meager work.

Like everyone else said, you can be a very hard worker, or extremely talented, but the person who ends up the hot shot superstar at the end of the day is the person who was probably the most personable and/or charismatic, and unfortunately, bias and subjectivity plays a role in this. I was interviewed for a part time job just because the supervisor liked that I worked on a music video. I had no experience doing anything related to the job whatsoever, but I still had a repport with him. And subjectivity doesn't always play nice, either. I've interviewed with other artists and we still couldn't connect, just because our personal tastes didn't gel. But it's one thing to be interviewed, and another to scope out professionals and collegues on your own time. That's why I'm milking the heck out of the concept of networking while I'm at this entertainment media school. If I come out of this without a job, that's honestly my own fault for not talking to people, work and talent be darned.

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