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Originally Posted by ScubaDouch3 View Post
- Hacked in a Lv.3 Wild Sneasel and nicknamed him "Sly"
- Hacked in a Lv.4 Wild Swinub and nicknamed him "Pumba"
- Hacked in a Lv.7 Shellder and nicknamed her "Pearl"
- Hacked in a Lv.10 Lapras and nicknamed him "Plesio"
I realize that Ice is one of those types that are pretty rare early, but the rule only allows you to hack in one Pokemon in the event that your type can't be found before the third Gym. But hacking 4 is a little excessive, especially since most of those can be caught before the E4. Sneasel is certainly a good choice for your hack, since he can only be found at Mt Silver. But I gotta ask you to stop using 3 of your hacked mons. If you go to Olivine right away you can get a Good Rod and catch a Shellder for your party. The other two you have to wait to catch. Sorry.