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    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
    also, quite interested in creating a character and zanpakuto of my own for the thread (and potentially grab a place in a squad).
    Can I make up a shinigami as "me" to go with it? Or am I supposed to just make a zanpakuto? Not that familiar with stuff like this hahaha.

    And I have made a character design. Will put in some shikai details and character biography shortly.
    No, you're totally allowed to make up a Soul Reaper character to go along with a zanpakuto.
    That drawing looks great! I can't wait for the profiles. :D
    The leggings kind of remind of me Stealth Force uniforms from Squad 2.

    Originally Posted by FlameNinja
    Quick question for everyone: What is up with the new style of Rukia and Ichigo??
    (I like it, just confused as to what is going down...)

    I think I fell way behind on manga volumes!!
    Do you mean Ichigo's new outfit and Rukia's new haircut?
    Just some mostly cosmetic changes that Kubo made after the time-skip.

    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times.
    Stuff happened and Kubo decided to spice things up.
    Time skip happened. And Ichigo gained even more powers that he's never gonna use.
    Actually Ichigo ends up loosing all but his Soul Reaper powers by the end of the Fullbringers arc.
    But as shown in a recent chapter, apparently his, seemingly dormant until now, Quincy powers are awakening...