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Of the fierce and towering highmen and highwomen of the frigid lands of Vanaheim, for one of them to stand at a mere 5' 5" is more than disarming, but Xeye is accustomed to the surprise she gets, given that she's compared to the monstrous giants of her homeland and that her heritage is a bit unusual for those from the far north. Her body type is rather athletic and well toned from her years strengthening herself up in the unforgiving stormy northern seas, and furthering her strength when she was trained in various combat techniques, but her experiences as a warrior at a young age haven't done any damage to her womanly figure as well, as she has the right curves in the right places, which more often than not served as a complication with colleagues who became too fixated on her breast size and her ideally plump rump. Especially in her calves and legs, one can see that she has built up her lower body strength to impressive levels, which becomes all the more evident when she enters combat. Her arms show a decent amount of conditioning as well, but not so much so that her feminine figure is at all obscured.

Long, curled locks of light blue hair dangle down the side of her face, resting just above her bust while the rest of her wavy, wild colored hair that extends downward like a waterfall, ending midway down her back is restrained by her signature bandana she wears on her head. While her bandana used to be gray with the emblem of proud Vanaheim, she has traded it out with a modified silvery-white lynx scalp helmet with dyed-in blue tattoo marks around its eye slits she wears exactly like a bandana, reversing its face to her rear, as if she has two faces on opposite sides of her head. The woman's eyes gleam brightly, colored an odd silvery-white pigment, brighter than most who have gray eyes, although this appearance can be endearing or attractive to some, it can be intimidating to others who stare at them for too long, and may also contribute to her alias "The Blue Wildcat". As for the rest of her body, her skin resists the coloring of the sun despite her years out in it as her skin is still somewhat pale, but the sun definitely had its way with her as her skin is still somewhat tanned. Her face is marked with tribal tattooing with marks crossing the bridge of her nose, her eyes vertically, and all over her cheeks, colored a strong red with zigzag patterns that resemble lightning, twisters and waves. Even with her varied history throughout northern Aerion, she never suffered any major injuries to scar her except for a few, such as the long streak crossing somewhat diagonally just below her neck that is usually always visible. The woman's legs has also been a victim of scarring, as an uneven X shaped scar sits on the left side of her left leg, midway up her thigh. The other is a simple slit but a wide one sitting horizontally just below her right knee.

Due to Xeye's attire, all of her scars are clearly visible, but this fact doesn't shame or embarrass her in the slightest. In fact, they don't do much to dampen her attractive appearance at all and they may also serve as an intimidation factor and make the woman feel a little badass. While in the Renvall militia, her dress was somewhat more conservative and she donned the furs and metals worn by Vanaheim's warriors. However, those days are past, as she dresses a little more promiscuous, often seen revealing her midsection and wearing strapless shirts similar in appearance to a sports bra made from the scales of animals for protection and furs and hides for comfort and style, often with a wild coloration of whites, grays, blacks, browns and oranges and even yellows blues and greens in some places incorporating the patterns of the hides of animals such as snow leopards and alpine tigers, hugging her breasts and leaving the whole area above her armpits completely exposed, including a good portion of her cleavage and the scar crossing her collarbone. Wrapped around her core is a cream white cloth that acts like a belt, often stained due to her work but she cleans it often and sometimes even uses it as a napkin. Down below, she's typically wearing a short skirt or kilt of some kind depending on what you'd want to call it, also made from the materials and colors that compose her tops. Her feet are often hosting a pair of moderately-heeled and cleated, white metal-plated gladiator sandals, the perfect blend of functionality, style, and sexiness.
First impressions of this girl tend to be very disarming as her goofy, impish, and sometimes downright stupid or obnoxious remarks tend to make others wonder how she ever made a name for herself as a pirate, but the exploits she's achieved as a young pirate and eventual captain nonetheless gave her serious name recognition. She's hard to anger and seems to rarely take anything seriously, either laughing it off, jumping around in excitement, or acting unusually calm in an otherwise dangerous situation. Despite these appearances though, she's very reliable to those who know her and won't hesitate to make sacrifices when others are in harms way, even if they are her enemies. Her strength comes from her undying will and her absolute refusal to lose any dispute or battle which sometimes manifests itself in the most mundane of things. As such, she is incredibly stubborn and fussy, and her bizarre antics sometimes make others think that her mind stopped aging after 5 years.

Hordes of horny men have come on to her, but she is oblivious to most sexual advances, often mistaking her fans for wanting her to feed them something, give them money, or asking her to plant their already dying flowers for them. Despite this, she still doesn't like unwarranted hands gracing her body and will promptly thrash anyone who goes too far with her, especially if they try to see too much. Some might find her sexual ignorance endearing, but for the throngs of people who want to seduce her, they're in for eternal disappointment. While she's boneheaded regarding anything of a sexual nature, in other areas she's shockingly intelligent, having the mind of a strategist and the perceptiveness of a philosopher.

Wild and rambunctious, Xeye is always interested in adventure and action, usually supplanting what most would have in a bad situation as fear for hyperactivity and excitement, often irritating those around her who think she's not being serious about the circumstances. She acts in a similar fashion towards food, loving the thought of stuffing herself, in particular protein heavy meals, although her appetite runs south when she finds vegetables on her plate. This can also lead to her having poor table manners, giggling at the sound of body functions, where she's often reprimanded for her unladylike behavior. She also runs a foul tongue, the perfect manner in which to speak for someone as a rowdy northern warrior and one that has gotten herself in a lot of trouble from those she's served under, to her great annoyance which has contributed to her distrust for authority and the rule of law. Xeye's quick to discern unusual quirks and behaviors people have, and instead of using people's names, she tends to nickname everyone she meets, sometimes with a not so clever or desirable title to go by that nobody can get her to stop using.

If you happen to do the wrong thing in front of her though, she will take action in a swift and violent way. Her sense of justice is real and she will rush to the scene of trouble to stop any villainous efforts that're underway. This type of attitude tends to get her into conflicts way over her head, but her unrelenting pursuit of what's right helps her endure any hardship that falls on her shoulders. For this, some come to admire and respect her for her bravery and honesty in a world of evil, and usually come to change their opinions of her for the better. This can be seen as an oddity, especially as a former pirate and even now as a freelance mercenary, where morality is seen as more of a vice when the goal is complete freedom and endless wealth. Xeye beats to a different tune, however, which is to live life happily day by day, and to fear no obstacle, no matter its risk.
Born in an unusual part of the world, Xeye came about from the union of a notorious Vanaheim pirate captain and a wealthy elven woman who was on her way to the Trader's Waters and stopped in Eleusis during a bad time, as pirates assaulted the harbor of the desert port town. The girl's mother is stowed away on board their ships along with several other hostages. During the woman's pregnancy, the pirates raided various ports, raping and pillaging everywhere they went. Their conquest would come to an abrupt end by a fleet commanded by a famed captain from Falke, who happened to be the elven woman's lover who sought out the villains who abducted his wife. The naval battle ended with the defeat of the famed pirate captain who had also took the elven woman's life, but not before giving birth to a child, a baby girl who would be rescued by the Falke captain's crewmen, as he too suffered a fatal blow from the battle he waged with the Vanaheim pirate lord. The baby girl was taken to Falke and raised for a short time by the sons and extended family of the fallen captain, but the girl was soon taken by Vanaheim pirates who attacked the port city where they resided and abducted the young girl, an act of revenge for the slaying of their champion several months after his death at sea.

Young Xeye grew up aboard ships of rowdy men and adopted much of their behavior, even as a small child. She learned much about navigation and became accustomed to armed and unarmed combat and surviving in harsh environments. Despite her mixed heritage, she found a niche in the warrior culture of Vanaheim pirates, but her isolation from others her age and her shrewd developing mind soon dawned upon her that her intelligence surpassed most of the rough and tumble seafaring brutes that raised her. Her curious mind reached a precipice at the age of 11 during a raid upon the wealthy port town of Yorbe in the Golden Isles, where she stumbled upon huddled up families and civilians, rich and poor alike while she hacked through guards on the streets. Realizing that the acts she inflicted as a pirate had consequences, even though they had little effect on her and she wasn't interested in how others felt about her, she didn't want to see herself as a villain, and instead guided the civilians to safety while keeping her assistance of the residents hidden from her pirate associates.

The experiences of her future raids would alter her disposition towards her future actions, where at 12, she slew her crew's captain when they were docked in Borr, and she left on her own into the frozen north of Vanaheim, where half of her heritage lies. She traveled to Renvall and attempted to join the militia there under the Maerr and perfect her combat arts. Despite being smaller than most and a woman, she was still strong and more agile and dexterous due to her elven heritage, excelling in quick, powerful strikes that target areas that the body is more vulnerable to. She also perfected armed combat and in particular the uses of various types of axes. However, Xeye learned the life of a public servant wasn't for her, preferring a life of freedom she was used to at sea and hated the top-down societal structure of Vanaheim. At 15, she defected from Renvall's militia and decided to explore the world, relying on her survival skills she learned from the hunts she performed while in the militia and her life prior as a pirate. The brave young woman decided to make a perilous journey across Aerion, expanding her horizons, visiting Mindirion and learning the mechanical skills of the dwarves before visiting her mother's homeland to learn from the elves.

Miracyia is where she discovered the truth behind magic in the world which beforehand she had heard about only in the form of rumors that didn't illustrate much other than that most nations forbade the use of such power. However, the elves were different, and it didn't take long for Xeye too to realize she inherited the ability to wield magic and trained in both it and about the anatomy of biological beings. After leaving Miracyia, young Xeye was already a young woman and now knowledgeable in first aid techniques and a modest magician, learning the basics of the arcane and able to channel these raw energies into her weapons and body with mixed results, becoming a destructive combat artist and a feared mercenary. Thirsting for freedom and excitement, she quickly resorted back to piracy, sabotaging pirate crews and subjugating them to her will. Even at the age of 18, her reputation as a Vanaheim pirate, and a half-breed no less earned her the alias "Wildcat Mage" or, as she's better known as simply "The Blue Wildcat" for her ruthless style of mixing weapons and unarmed combat with arcane forces that render her foes helpless against her.

Vanaheim pirates learned caution when approaching her, knowing of her reputation of killing her enemies with even the faintest of blows due to the arcane elements that've given her the edge in many battles, and began her reign, short as it was, as queen of the Frozen Sea. After harboring in Aurur for a time, the young woman's lust for adventure caused her to rally the bravest of Vanaheim's raiders for an expedition towards the foreboding realm of Drakin, leading several ships of brave highmen and women to be the first to uncover the mystery of the land that has been off limits to all for thousands of years. This left a vacancy in the Frozen Sea as several pirates took to the Burning Ocean surrounding Drakin. However, an unusual storm bombards her fleet, causing several ships to crumble and sink to the wrath of burning tornadoes, countless lightning flashes and massive tidal waves. Xeye manages to escape the wrath of the terrifying weather and drifted away at sea before being rescued by a merchant ship from Elysia that didn't recognize who she was. She lost nearly everything she had in her expedition into Drakin and began to consider what new course of action she'd take, deciding in the mean time to assist those who rescued her until she determined her next path to take. In due time, she sets out on her own, hunting down mercenary work and honing her skills, making contact with a band of contrasting mercenaries along the way and decides to adventure with them in the mean time.
Xeye incorporates both martial arts in her technique but also wields a pair of moderately sized axes forged from an ebony metal she acquired from the dwarves of Mindirion to bruise, shatter, and decapitate her foes. Her abilities have evolved further from her time training with the druids of Miracyia, discovering her affinity for the magical arts as well, and trained her spirit to the extent that she can coat her body, her immediate vicinity, and objects she physically interacts with in the essences of the natural world, such as fire, wind, water, and in rare circumstances, even lightning if her focus is unusually strong. Her skills are still more adequate in physical combat, but her elemental conjuring gives her a unique edge in battle, developing a technique she calls Stormsever Combat to blend the fist and blade with the arcane.
Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

Oda responds promptly to Xoxaa's warning, the engine revving to maximum power right as the door of the bike's owner begins to open.

"Grab on to my hips, and don't let go," instructs the older woman, informing Xoxaa on how to ride safely as she begins accelerating the vehicle, rapidly picking up speed.

In no time, the motorcycle takes off, nearly sending Xoxaa flying off the vehicle, leaning back as her legs begin falling off and she begins to become airborne. With a loud yelp, the girl extends her arms, clinching her ankles against the frame of the motorbike in a desperate effort to remain seated. Digging her ankles in, she concentrates energy to her ankles, mustering enough strength to dent the sides of the vehicle, nearly stopping all motion of her body taking off into the air. Halting the backwards momentum, Xoxaa lunges forward as best she can while facing off against the resistance of rushing wind and the initial momentum from the take off, thrusting her hips back to push her body forward, heels still clinching the bike's sides as her right arm leans as far forward as possible, her hand finding clothing on the driver's right side, scrambling to secure a tight grip, potentially clinching the woman's flesh and squeezing her skin as she recovers from nearly being tossed off by sheer momentum. Securing her grip, the young woman thrusts her hips again, forward this time, before throwing her feet forward again, swinging her left up and around the driver's midsection, clinching it tightly before her right hand releases its grip slightly, flying over her left arm to tightly hug her driver's chest, possibly squeezing too tightly and awkwardly, inching up to the woman's backside as her rear returns to the bike's surface, her bosom planted firmly into the older woman's backside as her passenger clings to her body, a reactionary movement made in the heat of the moment.

The bike owner's door burst open, his bike speeding along the roads as the pair race off to stop the thief the guards reported to them. He yelled at them, Xoxaa looking back, her body still tightly wrapped around the woman as her head tilted to their rear, catching view of the man's fuming expression, his voice barely audible but she could tell the man is yelling given his wide open mouth movements. Her stare is blank, looking at him for a few seconds before turning back around, watching the man bolt towards the direction of the guards before returning her glance to the woman's backside. Xoxaa decides not to alert her driver to the vehicle's owner later, as the woman most likely suspects the owner will go after them somehow, and she wouldn't hear what the girl would have to say anyway. Their motorcycle voyage would come up to a few sharp turns before making its way to a mountain path. The woman driver makes what appears to be a laughing sound, following shortly after with what seems to be a few words, perhaps pertaining to their route, but such noise is shut out by the overpowering clamor of the motorbike. By then, Xoxaa's grip has lessened so that her arms are mostly vertical while her hands still cling firmly to the woman's clothing on both sides. Her breasts still hugged the woman due to her bust size, but she has more breathing room now, or at least she did until their course became a lot wilder, making a sharp turn that forces Xoxaa's grip to loosen and nearly sending her flying once again, maintaining a firm grip on the woman's side opposite of the turn until she can reaffirm her hold on the driver with both hands.

Riding through bumpy, mountainous terrain, their course veers away from urban terrain, mystifying Xoxaa regarding the route her driver has chosen. "Why are we going this way? I'm fairly certain the criminals weren't heading into the hills. Unless... did she say they were heading towards the airfield? In that case..."

Her thoughts abruptly cut out as they ride through the rough surface of the island jungle, whipping by the flora of the island while riding over a serious of bumps, some greater than others. Xoxaa, having accustomed herself to the wild voyage upon this two wheeled ride, manages her grip onto her driver far better than at first, now predicting the twists and turns, leaning appropriately for each alteration in their route. The surprises didn't end though, as Xoxaa spots ahead the summit of some sort of hill, her eyes widening exponentially as she comes to realize what her crazy driver is about to do.

"She's about to drive us off a cliff!" realizes Xoxaa, at the last few moments before their driver launches their ride into the open air, now overlooking the airfield. "I'm not sure if I can heal from the extensive damage of a fall like this if we don't land well..."

Spotting a suspicious looking vehicle midair, the driver of said vehicle appears to have noticed them, veering away in reaction into the roadside fence and breaching the airfield grounds. The ever evolving situation trapped Xoxaa in another daydream-like trance, watching events unfold until mere moments later where the two of them blast open the ground beneath them, wheels spinning at untraceable speeds as they complete their landing, rough enough to cause Xoxaa to be lifted off her seat, if but for a brief moment while she clings tighter to her driver. It certainly shocks the young woman, if only briefly, before returning her composure to normal as their ride picks up speed once again and zooms off and over the downed fence and into the airfield, in hot pursuit of the thief.

"This woman certainly picked the right vehicle. She must have one of her own. I wonder how much experience she has with these machines," admires Xoxaa to herself, acknowledging her driver's exceptional skill with the motorcycle, or perhaps it was dumb luck, as odd fortunes do occur.

"Can you do anything to halt it?" spoke her daring driver, severing Xoxaa from her internal realm once again, causing her to reflect on the impending circumstances, their ride in furious pursuit of the escaping criminal, closing the gap between the two vehicles before taking up the larger vehicle's left side, running parallel with the thief.

"Uhm..." ponders Xoxaa aloud, clueless as to how she might put a stop to the villain's stolen vessel. "We need to find a way to get the driver to pull over."

Fortune has it that Xoxaa happens to have her bag with her, and in it, the object of the girl's eureka moment. "The pistol!"

Reaching into her bag after unzipping it, she pulls out an unloaded, for safety, semi-automatic pistol, quickly preparing it for firing, then trying to keep it steady as she aims for the object of her assault.

"Give us some room from the RV and trail it slightly. I have an idea," alerts Xoxaa to her driver, about ready to fire.

It might be a reckless endeavor, and she deliberately kept the details of her operation out of processing range of her driver, who might otherwise object to her wild efforts, hence giving the woman instructions only on what she wanted her to do, rather than what she will be doing as well. After given the safe distance, Xoxaa eyes her target, aiming her pistol while keeping it as steady as can be while riding, granted the ride now is far more stable, racing across flat ground versus wild terrain like earlier. Smooth enough, at least for Xoxaa, since her target's big enough and close enough and a slightly uneven surface shouldn't be much of an obstacle. Aiming for the tires of the large vehicle ahead and to the right of them, Xoxaa fires her pistol, a loud bang sending projectiles right into the wheel's rubber membrane, firing at the closest tire and popping open the wheel to release the pressurized air held within the tires, then shifting her aim to the other tire on the left side, ripping open a few holes in that tire as well. The burglar's vehicle begins skidding, losing the tires on its left side, forcing the RV's driver to decelerate to a stop, turning to the left slightly, blocking the path of the motorbike, it too coming to a stop pending the events that're unfolding.

"I hope I don't get scolded for this later," contemplates Xoxaa, recognizing that her actions might be too risky for the older woman's taste, but something needed to be done before the thief got too close to the airplanes and caused further damage.

With the bike ceasing motion, Xoxaa got off first, since she's the passenger, before looking ahead at the downed vehicle. Her pistol remains armed and in her right hand as she approaches in a hasty run towards the thief's vehicle, taking initiative seeing as her driver is preoccupied with watching over their "borrowed" motorcycle. Keeping her eyes on the driver's door like a hawk, the look of a cold-blooded hungry predator on her face, almost terrifying to any onlookers if her otherwise small, feminine appearance didn't water down her otherwise fierce appearance, as if she was on the hunt and ready to kill. Shocked by the incident that had occurred, the burglar was ready for opposition, bursting open the door on his side with a semi-automatic rifle mounted on his left shoulder. By that time, Xoxaa's close enough for a clear shot at the villain, slowing to a power walk to prepare a properly aimed shot, but is nonetheless taken back by the man's superior firepower. Still, Xoxaa anticipated the actions of the thief, ready to fire as the vehicle's door swung open. Already discharging her weapon, she catches sight of the man and pierces his left leg before adjusting her aim upwards towards the man's hands and arms. He manages to pull the trigger, focused dead on its target, launching a few bullets that pierce Xoxaa in her arms and legs, and one in her chest, her speed accelerating towards the door upon recognition of the man's weapon.

The penetration dealt to her causes her to collapse to her knees, just before reaching the driver's door. However, the damage she dealt was enough, getting off a few clean shots in the man's arms, causing him too to collapse, falling to the hard airfield bellow and landing on top of his weapon, struggling to hold back the pain so he could finalize his kill. Unfortunately for him, the power of his opponent, to say the least, is nothing natural. Flustered from the penetration of several bullets, she pushed herself upward, portions of her body already expelling the bullets from inside her body as her arcana powers jumped into action to heal her otherwise potentially fatal injuries. Kicking away the barrel of the man's rifle, she stands over him, appearing fatigued, a look of both slight exhaustion and also a guise of coldness, an almost terror-inducing stare plastered upon her face. The man, disarmed, vulnerable, and bleeding profusely, looked up upon the object of his absolute terror, his face contorting to a shaken state, his lower lip trembling as his face flooded with the presence of anxious sweat. Horror was the only presence he could feel within himself, glancing upon a small but terrifying predator, one who not only appeared barely phased by several gunshot wounds, but had appeared to almost completely stop any bleeding, rendering any damage he might have done to nothingness.

Panicking, he scrambles on the ground like a flailing fish, desperate to recover its breath. Xoxaa reacts, promptly stomping a charged foot onto the man's grappling hand toward his rifle. The cracking of bones can almost be heard as Xoxaa's hyper-powered presses down on the man's defenseless hand, breaking it. Screaming in pain, the man flinches and struggles in pain, flexing his spine in pure agony. The girl continues, grabbing his now gnarled hand, inciting another pain-induced reaction from the man, before she pulls him up and slugs him square in the chest, causing him to slam his head into the bottom of his downed vehicle. She then approaches him, charging a stomp before landing it on the man's left foot, breaking it too. In desperation, he swings his right arm over in an attempt to harm the ferocious young woman, only for her to catch his fist, sliding her hand over to his wrist and squeezing it, charging energy into her hand to crush the bones in the man's wrist. Overwhelmed by pain all over his body, the man collapses onto the ground, unconscious. With the ordeal over, Xoxaa also collapses onto her knees, breathing heavily due to having to expend a tremendous amount of energy to rebuild her pierced organs and to stop the bleeding.

Mustering up whatever energy she can, she crawls over to her knocked out victim, covering his gun wounds with her hands, preparing her medical treatment on his body, or to be precise, the parts that are bleeding, as the bone fractures were more to keep the man from moving. Sweat pours from her brow, having severely exhausted herself due to earlier ordeals. She sighs, following up with a few coughs before pulling her up onto her feet once more, looking over to her superior, slightly curious as to what the older woman might think of her apprehension of the burglar. Giving the woman her face, Xoxaa did her best to smile in the state she's in, only to recoil in residual pain coursing through her chest, placing her right palm over the still open gunshot wound lodged in her midsection. Clenching her right hand as if she was pulling something out, she draws out the final bullet implanted in her body, throwing it off to the side. Coughing a few more times, she returns her gaze to the woman, working up a small but confident smile.

"I got him," affirms Xoxaa, her voice more raspy than before, but still soft and high pitched as it usually is, coughing a few times after speaking.

A sound off in the distance then reaches earshot, hearing the approach of guards who were also pursuing the criminal in order to prevent his getaway. Surely this situation will appear awkward to the rapid responding guards, with a woman sitting atop a stolen motorcycle, an RV with two left tires torn away, and a large man planted on the ground unconscious with a rifle a few feet away and a small, seemingly feeble young woman with a bit of sweat on her brow overlooking the ordeal, as if she had just ran a marathon.

"I bet they know about the stolen bike too," assumes Xoxaa, looking back at her superior, the same smile on her face but notably slanted, reflecting on an awkward situation.

"Oh," she realizes, clenching her teeth awkwardly as she recognizes the dent she made on both sides of the motorbike. "They'll probably be curious about that too..."

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