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    I'm hard-pressed to think of any pokemon that are simply useless. There are many that struggle a bit, mostly due to low stats, poor movepools or both - Plusle and Minun, Ledian, Spinda, Purrloin.... But even those aren't entirely useless - they're just a bit tougher to work with. There are others that can be sort of useless in battle - like Ditto or Smeargle - but are immensely useful in other ways. I like to figure out ways to use the unlikely ones, and generally can find a way, and when it works out, I actually much prefer using them - ubers are boring. Yeah - there are some who are so poor that I don't want to invest the necessary time and effort to get something out of them, but that doesn't mean that they're useless - just that I'm not that interested in using them at the moment.

    And that said, some of the answers here have really surprised me - a few pokemon mentioned who are quite decidedly anything BUT useless - but... I should just leave it at that.
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