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Dat badass Combusken. Swag.
Dat badass treecko.

Seriously though, I probably don't need to say it again, but I'll do it anyway - I LOVE YOUR WORKS SO MUCH ANNA! IF I HAD MONEY I'D PROBABLY PAY FOR SOME OF THIS STUFF. THAT'S HOW GOOD THEY ARE. <333

sorry for the caps spammage there. ;; But yeah, to be a little more detailed as to why I love those two updates a little more rather than the others, I'll just say I love the lines. The strokes. When a amateur artist works on a doodle, those kinds of strokes mostly get in the way of the piece's beauty. But here it just enhances them to a whole another level. Like, over 9000 level. XD; But yeah, seriously, they're just epic. The colors are, as always, damn good. Which is probably partially due to you being an awesome graphic artist as well. <3;

you win, gurl. your works are made of win. I can't really find much to criticize at all. If, in any case, I manage to do that, it'll probably be nitpicking. :p So yeah, keep it up and keep those updates coming. I can't wait to let my eyes ogle at your new stuff. <3
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