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Originally Posted by Checkers_Albino_Umbreon View Post
This would be a Dex Filler for Black. I know you probably have them all but I will gives ya a Drilburr. I can't remember what level it is.

Pokemon: Shiny Virizion
Nickname: Virizion
Gender: I don't care
Nature: Calm
Ability: I don't care
IVs: I don't care
Shiny: Sure, if you can. :)
Ball Caught in: Umm... Luxury Ball

EDIT: I'd also like an egg please! :)
I'm not doing requests.
But you can have an egg, yes. :)

Originally Posted by iAzire View Post
Question about your egg giveaway. You said they were RNG to be shiny (obviously won't last due to OT swapping) but were they RNG flawless? That would still stick.
Whether they are flawless or not is listed in the giveaway section. And yes I know the IVs would stay the same.
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