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See, I told you pc was better d:
Name: Princess Avangeline 'Ava' Beatrice Ravonien Highclaw
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Half-Elf (Human father, Elf mother)
Country of Origin: Falke
Religion: Has none
Alliance: Mercenaries

There are not many ways to put it; Avangeline is beautiful. She has long, blonde hair with a neat fringe, beaded and hanging at each end of her face and though used to all hand loose, is either tied up into a long, high ponytail or pulled into a loose plat, depending on the situation. Her eyes are a crystal blue and skin is fair thanks to her sheltered life but speckled with light freckles here and there. Like most half-elves, her ears are pointed slightly, enough to distinguish that yes, she has elf born into her family. She has a button nose, slightly red to match her rosy cheeks.

Her body is neither tall nor short; she stands just above her mother and a head below her father. She is lean and posture is near perfect thanks to her training (nobody likes a fat and crooked lady-in-waiting). Her breasts are average but are often overcompensated thanks to the corsets and tight dresses she is required to wear. She limited blemishes visible on her skin, the most common places would be grazes and bruises on her knees, scuffs on her forearms and a cut under her chin.

Grown up with royalty, Avangeline was always used to gorgeous, long dresses made of the finest silks but tight and hard to breathe in. Heavy necklaces and earrings were compulsory it seemed and made living even worse, as well as the uncomfortable high-heeled shoes which had laces that were tighter than the corset. Of course, she never liked the dresses but was required to wear them.

Now away from her scheduled life, Avangeline wears the typical hunter’s outfit. The top half consists of a tight, leather corset fit with a hood and a red scarf wrapped around her neck. She wears leather guards on her forearms and gloves to cover her hands. The bottom half are very light tights, hardly protective at all, with a belt to keep her swords on her hips as well as fit with pockets to hold materials, money and supplies. Her boots match her gloves, leather with metal plates built onto the front, and protect her feet well. The boots extend to her knees to create metal kneecaps which somewhat protect them without resistance. Similar applies to her arms except she wears light, metal armour on her shoulders to protect the exposed skin.

As for jewellery, Avangeline wears one of her only kept trinkets from home; a feather pendant made from pure gold. Her earings are simple studs, one on each side and she wears an unseen ring on her right hand, one made by Elfish hands, given to her by her mother.

For a short range fighter, her armour is quite light and looks useless against enemies with enormous swords. Avangeline relies on speed and reflexes; her armour protects her usually on the open road or when she is milliseconds short of a sword on her arm.

Her beauty is often compared to her mother’s, though Avangeline would argue that she is not at all.

With her at most times is her dire wolf, Nem. Nem is quite large, as most dire wolves are, standing just under a metre and a half tall. He has thick fur, like most winter canines do, and a kind face. His fur is a mixture of dark browns, blacks and a little white. He is just over a year old, making him a recent change to Avangeline's life and not quite fully grown yet. (click for a picture and click for many pictures)

Avangeline is unusually stubborn, rebellious and quite robust, especially for a princess. She stays firm to her beliefs, even to the point where she won’t admit she’s wrong. If she’s in charge, it’s either her way or no way, no excuses. In saying that, she knows how to be a team player and can take orders when it’s from the right leader. If someone can earn her respect, Avangeline is loyal to the core and will fight to the end for that one person, even if it means her life. And from this, Avangeline can only expect the same from you in return. Traitors will not be tolerated but second chances can be given.

From her extended life as a princess, Avangeline knows how to be prim and proper but chooses not to act like this. Only in circumstances where formalities are needed such as to a person who has earned her upmost respect, she’s blunt and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks about you. Perhaps too blunt, in that Avangeline can say the wrong things at the wrong times and be completely oblivious to the fact she may be giving offensive remarks or insults. She can probably be a little sarcastic at times and suggest barren approaches of solving problems instead of the more logical ways (for example, instead of climbing a tree to save a cat, how about cutting the tree down?).

When it comes to fighting, Avangeline’s style uses mainly speed and accuracy. As she does not wear a lot of armour, she relies on her reflexes to dodge attacks and have rarely been a burden to her. She’d rather wear her enemy out by avoiding their attacks and slowly making cuts on their bodies. Once they’re worn out, she strikes. Avangeline would never intentionally kill someone who’s innocent before and rarely does so to the guilty unless defending herself. Though, Avangeline can be hasty when running into a fight, having too much confidence in herself and even taking on multiple enemies at once without much preparation. Sure, she’s good at swordplay but her lack of planning doesn’t allow her to use the element of surprise very well.

Nem the dire wolf is at most times, a happy, playful and carefree pup. Being just over a year old, he is still technically a puppy. Without a hint from Avangeline, he usually cannot tell friend from foe. Only when Avangeline draws her sword or if she is in trouble is when Nem's entire personality goes though a paradigm shift; kill mode.

Avangeline's birth came as somewhat of a shock to the royal family of Falke. Her father, Prince Norville Highclaw, youngest brother to the current King, was seen as rebellious, outlandish and spontaneous and not a great role model to the people compared to his older brother. Prince Norville was known for his antics, including but not limited to buying ridiculous items from foreign countries for vast amounts of money that had no purpose, disappearing from castle grounds to be later escorted from houses known to hold courtesans while drunk and disorderly or competing in petty events like mud or sword fights. His worst instance was prior to Avangeline's birth, disappearing from Falke only to return six months later with a beautiful but pregnant Elf fiancée from Miracyia, known as Malrin Faervel Emlygil. Though frowned upon, nobody stopped him or the wedding and seven months later, Avangeline Beatrice Ravonien Highclaw was born.

Avangeline was born as the spitting image of her mother (though apparently she had her father’s nose or ears or something of the like) and was raised like any of the noble children; proper education, proper clothes, proper food and proper shelter. She spent a good lot of her early years listening to her mother’s stories of home in the forests of Miracyia. Though she was rarely let outside castle walls, let alone outside of Falcon Peak, she let her mind imagine what it would be like to live freely like her mother used to. These wonderings were constantly scolded by teachers and other members of her family; though the elves were allies, a princess must never wish for adventure. She is to look proper and serve her people. She was a lady-in-waiting after all.

At age ten, Avangeline was taught how to use a blade and with it came a personality. The art of the sword interested her, though the training was only for self-defence, never a motive for her to want to become a knight. Her father, now had found responsibility with age, disapproved of it and her never fading will to see the outside world; his princess and her precious beauty had to be preserved. Her mother however, encouraged it, feeding her tale after tale of her forefathers and fantasy stories of daring adventurers. She even taught Avangeline the basics and roots of Eldaquente and practiced swordplay after hours and away from Prince Norville’s eyes.

Moving into teenage-hood, Avangeline had begun to take her father’s footsteps. When guards were not looking, she would sneak outside the castle to venture the streets looking for new and exciting things. She was never caught in the arms of a random man but in the markets observing trinkets and listening to lore of the merchants and caravans. Her rebellion was often compared to her father’s and though many of the castle staff and residents found it adorable and amusing, Prince Norville did not approve.

Around her sixteenth birthday, Avangeline was surprised and outraged to hear that she had been betrothed to a son of one of the richer noble families in Falke. Avangeline, of course, rebelled and emphasised her beliefs to her father but it was all to deaf ears; she would marry and that was that. Avangeline had other ideas for her life and would much rather spend it seeing the world than spend it cooped up in a castle waiting for King or Queen to die. So, without a second thought, she slipped out of the castle (with her mother’s careful eye and assistance) and ran away, vowing never to return to the life she knew before.

The first few months on the high road were hard; avoiding guards and any kind of suspicious looking folk while trying to survive on her supplies while her money slowly dwindled was not something she was particularly used to. Her swords saved her life on many occasions where thieves and bandits raided her small camp though at some times, she barely escaped with her life. It was a cold Winter night four months since her escape when Avangeline first took a life and it was not the last.

Seven months after leaving Falke, Avangeline found herself in the heart of Eveamoor in Dalenham. Abandoning her name, the now ‘Ava’ found herself joining a small thieves guild. Though her Falkmor accent was strong in contrast with usual Ethorian, Ava never found herself fearing that her true heritage would be discovered; for once in her life, Ava felt she was where she was meant to be.

From then, Ava moved from guild to guild, building a mastery for her double broadswords and earning a small reputation for herself. She never really made 'friends', but associates who she could later call upon for favours. During her time in a mercenaries' guild, Avangeline found herself heading towards the Dalenham from the Cloudwalker Mountains after she successfully protected a village from an Orc rampage. About a day into her journey, Ava was attacked by a dire wolf. She easily slayed the beast but afterwards, when salvaging its body for fur, found the wolf was already hurt from something, presumably an attack from farmers or villagers. The wolf was also a mother and had been protecting a single wolf pup, barely a month old. Avangeline kept the wolf, figuring she could have a friend to keep her company along the road and perhaps sell the pup to a merchant. Little did he know, the pup, now which she had named 'Nem', meaning nose, became a powerful ally, a brave warrior and a wonderful friend.

Avangeline is mainly noticeable in Dalenahm by her red scarf which rumoured to be ‘tainted with the blood of her enemies’ (though Ava really only had it dyed red in ink), being called 'the elf-witch with the wolf'. She has yet to return to her mother’s homeland of Miracyia; she says she will when she can call herself a ‘true elf’. At present time, she travels with a small group of mercenaries, quenching her insatiable thirst for adventure as well as earning a good serving of gold along the way.
Weapon Preference:
Double broadswords
RP Sample:

Other: Avangeline has a dire wolf companion, known as Nem.
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