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Mt. Coronet Village Ruins
Lucy's sudden consumption of Blaine made Bay distance himself, with dismay. Although it was a bit of relief that Blaine was hindered useless. He rubbed that back of his head with a grin, feeling embarrassed about his strategy being unneeded. Even more relief arrived to Bay as she managed to stagger Blaine's two sons in their effort to start combat. Then a thought came to Bay's mind that made his face turn red... she referred to him as a friend. Bay hung his head as a plausible thought came to mind. Was this girl really going to eat Blaine? The thought of this made Bay dizzy and his skin crawl. His head still down, he came back to reality just in time to hear Lucy say she wanted to bring these two with her for a talk.

As he came to the realization that they were leaving, he frowned at the cluttered laboratory, looking back and halting at the room's exit. The vial of liquid that Blaine threatened to used was still in here, plus there may be more. Sneaking back, he grabbed a vial of the liquid, emptied a bottle from his bag, filled the battle with the liquid before putting a cap on it, checking it for leaks then put it in his bag. Disregarding what he just did, he called Amethyst.

"What should we do with his lab? There might be more of that liquid" he shouted.

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