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Update on Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Psychic).

Update #2 on White 2.

  • Beat the rest of the trainers in the Relic Passage, then defeated Team Plasma on their ship.
  • They ran away like cowards, so I continued from Driftveil City to Route 6, where Cheren gave me Surf.
  • Explored Mistralton Cave and some other areas with Surf, then went through Chargestone Cave to Mistralton City.
  • Astrodoll evolved into Claydol!
  • Headed north to the Celestial Tower, where I caught Gemini the Elgyem.
  • Trained her up on trainers I skipped before, then scaled the tower.
  • Took on the gym, and beat Skyla without much difficulty thanks again to the bulk of Limey.
  • Headed to Lentimas Town on the cargo plane, then went to the Strange House.
  • Gemini evolved into Beheeyem, and Limey evolved into Reuniclus!
  • Explored Reversal Mountain with Bianca and arrived in Undella Town.
  • Caught my fifth team member, Ruby the Staryu.
  • Beat all the trainers I could find in the Bay and on Route 14, then continued on to Route 13 to Lacunosa Town.
  • Bought the Thunder and Blizzard TMs and taught them to Ruby, then moved on to Opelucid Town.
  • Did some vitamin shopping at Shopping Mall Nine, then took on the Opelucid Gym.
  • Drayden was a tough fight, but I eventually prevailed with Gemini as the last one standing.
  • Team Plasma showed up again and froze the city, then the DNA Splicers were stolen.
  • I went back to Undella Bay and dove for the treasure with a Wailord I caught as a Wailmer, then leveled to 41 to learn Dive.
  • More vitamin shopping ensued, then I went through the Marine Tunnel to Humilau City.
  • Took on the gym right away, and Marlon was easy with Limey's Thunder and good bulk.
  • I am saved in Humilau City.

Team Psy:

Ruby the Calm Staryu - L51 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Natural Cure
Moves: Surf, Blizzard, Psychic, Thunder

Astrodoll the Relaxed Claydol - L50 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Psychic, Strength, Drill Run, Earth Power

Nazca the Quirky Sigilyph, ♀ - L50 @ TwistedSpoon
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Fly

Gemini the Rash Beheeyem - L50 @ Expert Belt
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psychic, Recover, Energy Ball, Calm Mind

Limey the Modest Reuniclus, ♀ - L51 @ Leftovers
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Psyshock, Thunder, Flash, Recover

Former Members:

Tootsie the Adamant Swoobat, ♀ - L29 [boxed]
Ability: Unaware
Moves: Air Cutter, Fly, Heart Stamp, Calm Mind

HM Slaves:

Psyduck - Surf, Strength, Flash, Dig [boxed]