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Originally Posted by elarmasecreta View Post
Just a quick comment about the islands: You do realize that it's taking a lot of effort to just map everything right? Even if you do map everything, you got 17 * 4 = 56 cities! that's enough to fill out two regions. I had half of that in my previous game, and I had troubles making sure each city has its own distinguishable features.

I like your idea, but really, most things don't look well thought of. You should finish all your planning first before even considering starting to map/program...

Thanks for your input. I know that there is a lot of content in this game, city/town wise as well as routes, but I haven't spent much time on this project and looking toward the future, this is probably going to end up being done in my spare time, a side project as you will.

At the moment, I am taking more time to design routes that the towns (haven't gotten to a city quite yet#, but it isn't bothering me much.

And to answer your question a bit more, I know everyone would be against this but, I am designing the story an island ahead of where I am and mapping areas needed as I get to them.
For example: Story
Fire Island - it is done to where is needed
Electric Island - it is only partially done #next island for fire starter - early story)

Fire Island - around half done, with only one and a half maps actually needed for the story.
Electric Island - none.

May style for this might not be the best however, it works for me and my lifestyle.

Here is the player's home island

Central Island - Player's home island

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