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It's already been four days since my last update, and I've made a little progress. I chose Snivy and made my way through the opening, quickly making my way through Acumula and to Straiton, where I had a little trouble defeating Chili but eventually managed and earned my first badge. I kept on going and arrived in Nacrene, evolving Snivy into Servine on the way. I defeated Lenora fairly easily and went on my way. Next I went through the Plasma quest and caught and trained the next two members of my team: Cottonee and Sewaddle. Sewaddle quickly evolved into a Swadloon, and eventually arrived in Castelia. There, I explored some of the city before continuing with the storyline. I was having trouble defeating Burgh's gym so I decided to go back to Pinwheel Forest where I trained some more and evolved Swadloon into Leavanny. I went back and had less trouble with Burgh, defeating him then continuing north to Nimbassa. After I rode the Ferris wheel with N I went on to take on Elesa at her gym. I defeated her with a little trouble and earned my fourth badge. Next I crossed the Driftveil bridge and arrived in Driftveil, where I did some exploring before saving on route 6, where I plan to catch and train my next team member, Deerling, before continuing with the Plasma storyline or the gym challenge.

Servine / Lv31 / Tackle, Mega Drain, Slam, Leaf Tornado
Leavanny / Lv32 / Tackle, Slash, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf
Cottonee / Lv31 / Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Mega Drain

✔Pokemon Blue Version
✔Pokemon Silver Version
✔Pokemon Sapphire Version
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Pokemon Black Version

Type: Grass
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