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    Well, I've been watching Cartoon Network for a LONG TIME and it has most definitely became less and less enjoyable to watch. I'll not drag on about all the shows I watched though..a lot of them moved to Boomerang anyway.


    I like Ben 10 (not the original Ben 10 though, when he's a teen) and Adventure Time. I admit not all A.T. are good though, a lot of the older episodes make me groan. The introduction of the Flame Princess rekindled my interest in the show though. As for Adult Swim/Toonami they need to add CURRENT anime from at least 2005 and on!

    Frankly I cannot stand most of the new line up. With all the hype for Toonami I expected a refreshing new line up but no, we get old 90s and early 2000s anime? Inuyasha for one has been going on far far too long in my opinion. CN needs to get with the program already. There is plenty of great anime out there they could air. >_
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