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Current Team:

Kublai (Slakoth) - the ugly one
-lvl 52
-Mild Male / Silk Scarf
-Hyper Beam, Return, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball

Houdini (Kadabra) - NFE
-lvl 52
-Brave Male / Twisted Spoon
-Teleport, Confusion, Psybeam, Disable

Gully (Gulpin) - Least Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon
-lvl 50
-Adamant Male / Amulet Coin
-Ice Beam, Body Slam, Toxic, Sludge Bomb

Pyra (Camerupt) - Pokemon who can learn your favorite move
-lvl 50
-Naughty Female / Charcoal
-Eruption, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Kratos (Flygon) - Favorite Non-Legendary Pokemon
-lvl 53
-Serious Male / Soft Sand
-Crunch, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fly

Torra (Armaldo) - Fossil Pokemon
-lvl 50
-Serious Male / Mystic Water
-Ancient Power, Aerial Ace, Dig, Water Pulse

Kilo (Mudkip) - HM slave (Rock smash, surf, waterfall, strength)
Chai (Nincada) - HM slave (Cut)

Team Goal: (will be a tough one)
x Favorite non-legendary Pokemon : Flygon (Favorite one in Emerald, at least)
x Pokemon who can learn your favorite move: Camerupt (Earthquake)
x Fossil Pokemon: Anorith/Armaldo

x Least favorite non-legendary Pokemon: Definitely Swalot.
x Ugly Pokemon: Slaking (slakoth is cute.. meant Slaking)
x NFE Pokemon: Kadabra
Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole