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^ looks pretty goddamn amazing. I'd love to have a higher-resolution version of this so I could use it as a desktop wallpaper or something. <3; The contrast between the red and blue fox really works in the favor of this piece, imo.
This is pretty good, too. I really like how you are effectively portraying the theme of how a silent, calm and docile personality can actually hide a monster within. But I'm not sure about the grainy part. It'd have looked better if you got rid of all the graininess in the darkness, as far as my opinion is concerned.

What I've seen in almost all of your works is that you effectively channelize your mood into your works and it shows in almost all of them. All of your works are full of strong emotions. Which makes them much more appealing to me. :] Overall, really good stuff. I'd like to see more of them!
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