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Tobi Lomborte
The Sun

Tobi, finally deciding to be social, approaches Annabelle, "Hey Anna hows the party going?"

Instead of giving Tobi an answer, instead she irritably asks a question of her own"What were you talking to Ari about?" "She ask you to do something stupid, or something evil?"

"Huh?? Oh that? She just said something silly don't worry about it. She just wanted me to do something embarrassing, I'm not gonna fall for it."

"Well that is not much of a surprise, I think she is rowdy, inappropriate, and pretty evil. Though I must say she is quiet the intelligent person. She may rival me," Annabelle laughed, ans Tobi chuckled with her. "Though our fields of expertise are much different, so it would be hard to compare." She waved Steven over. "Do you know Steven? He is one of the guards."

He held his hand out with a smile. "Are you her brother?" He asked

"Nice to meet you." Tobi shakes the man's hand, "Uhh, well no, we're just freinds. Do we look alike or something?" Tobi was a bit intrigued the guard asked this. Not exactly because he asked the question, but that alot of people have asked that lately. It never really crossed Tobi's mind that Annabelle and him could be related somehow.

"Well no, just thought I'd ask." He laughed, "Well I need to get going, I will probably see you both later." He bowed and waved then walked away.

"Well he is a nice person, hey tomorrow, you want to help me practice my card power? I think I can single out specific events now!" Anna had been waiting all day to ask, but just never had the time to ask. "I can't really ask other people you know, so you are the best candidate!"

"Sure, why not? You could help me out too with my concentration too." Tobi takes a sip of the drink in his hand thinking about the day to come. "A good time would be after I finish patrols. Speaking of which, I gotta get back to overseeing the east wing of the ballroom." They both wave at each other as Tobi walks off.
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