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Originally Posted by xxkaylabby View Post
those are amazing. my favorite one is the middle one because it has an even amount of shading. the first one is too dark for me and the one of taylor swift is too light. i would work on trying to make your drawings more balance with the dark and lightness.
the pastel drawing is amazing because i know how hard is to draw with them since they always make a mess!
can't wait to see more (:
I agree that the Taylor Swift drawing is too light - the Elephant one was me trying to add heaps of detail, hence the reason why it ended up so dark (I was also purposefully making it dark-ish)

My David Tennant picture (the middle one) is my favourite drawing so far :D
I actually haven't done any drawing in the past few months 'cause I've been busy, but now that it's holidays I'm hoping to get started drawing again - so then I'll be able to update with more recent pictures :)

Thanks :D
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