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My favourite band is Biffy Clyro! They have such interesting music compared to other bands of the genre and Simon Neil's Scottish accent always makes me swoon. I've always loved them since hearing some stuff from their album Puzzle, and with Only Revolutions that love only increased, but they launched themselves right up to my number one spot after seeing them play live in concert. They're the most spectacular band I've seen perform, so much so that I've seen them six times so far, and I'd absolutely love to see them several more. With their new album Opposites being released and an accompanying tour being announced, I'm expecting a good year for Biffy.

As for favourite song, that's a bit tougher... There are a lot of songs that I utterly adore at the moment, but picking a favourite from those is tricky. Really it depends on my mood as to what song's my favourite, but I guess in general it's a tie between Layla by Eric Clapton and Winds of Change by The Scorpions. Those two songs have always been iconic to me and they've accompanied a fair few important moments of my life, so they're songs that I'll always remember. Plus how awesome is Clapton's guitar playing? :p
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