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    Hello everyone! i was just curious about this... is there ANYONE in the community uses ROMS? if yes then can you please make with me using VBA link a hamachi network so we can trade? i made a tutorial in the tutorial section in this forums ... all i need now is players i am sure it will be fun :D like ... playing the 3rd gen games like emerald and trade with people and stuff! and i think there is a way to use desmume as a wifi emulator for the 4th and 5th gen games ... but usually i use No$GBA due to the fact it does not lag on my freaky laggy laptop ... and desmume lags like hell in all the computers in the world... unless you have alot of RAM and free space in your /:C and all this stuff but lets go BACK to the topic uhmm...
    Which one of you uses ROMS? Why?
    What game you play using emulators? Why?
    Have you ever tried to trade with other people using VBA link or something similar? Why?
    i think thats all and i will be happy to hear that some one is actually using ROMS cuz i feel so cheap D: because i don't have a NDS or anything just the emulators and my old ROMS *crys in sadness*
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