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Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
My Rate:
My Map
Map Name: Some Region...
Hack of: Firered
Credits: Me for mapping, Ray Maverick for this intense tileset.
- Note I am aware of some Tile errors, I just cant be bothered to fix them..

Sorry man..:')
Map : 7/10

Reasons: This is really a big map..and it looks stunning from first glance since it is so big i was lazy to scan the whole map. for the sake of rating i did..haha..Well how many maps is this exactly? haha..anyway the mountain really look very nice but i think you can make more improvements on them like the different level of the mountain should be look different, at least abit different instead the same shape, it will look more nice if it is different and more trees.. Now the map itself looks filled, at first glance but there is still many empty spaces which you can add something. For the trees, i don't know why you use two styles, the top look squarish(placement of trees) while the rest looks scattered. You can combine both but the way i see it does not blend together that well. All in is a very good map..

Note: Forgive my bad english. It is not really my first language..xD and all this is my opinion, some other people might have other opinions..

Now is my map!!!
Map Name: Give me a cool name for it..xD
Map game: Fire Red
Notes: This is the third town of my old hack if i am not wrong. It is meant to be a simple town so yeah.. and i map it for my hack so ignore the tile error at some of the place because the player wont be able to see them...and ignore the border...haha

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