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Chapter 693 - "Please Die":

First, talking about 693 - Monet. ;; Goddamn, Monet is so freakin' loyal to Dofla. The sentence that she uttered in a past chapter "Dofla will kill me if I fail" almost made it seem like Money is actually working for Dofla just because he's gonna kill her if she doesn't do as he says. But, as it turns out, she's actually completely loyal to him. Even goes as far as being ready to kill herself for her 'young master'! <3; Now that's some strawhat level loyalty right there. Anyway, yeah, I thought Monet would go down before pressing the switch. Caesar has a heart that he considers to be smoker's. But I thought it could be monet's. Law could've changed them anytime, you know. :p And Franky's really holding off B5&Buffalo! He's suuuuper strong, as I thought! :DD I mean, holding off two of Dofla's personal crew members? That's gotta be a hard task. But Suuuper General Franky does it no problem! :DDDD

Chapter 694 - "A Very Dangerous Man!":

No, goddammit. I thought Monet would be stopped. NOT KILLED! I don't want her to die. Her character actually has QUITE a lot of potential. I mean, she's really mysterious and a colorful character in general. ;; But yeah, turns out Caesar actually had Monet's heart and he stabs it stopping Monet in the process. Monet didn't blow the island up which worried Dofla. NOW THE BIG BADASS IS GONNA TAKE CARE OF MATTERS HIMSELF OMG! <333 Just look at that guy approach PH. Holy crap. He looks badass. And he's probably gonna mess some people up now. The wait for the next chapter JUST got more difficult. ;;