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Originally Posted by Kyouhei_ii00 View Post
I made a trainer but I need to talk to it to battle.


#dynamic 0x71E400

#org @start
trainerbattle 0x0 0x202 0x0 @yo @do
msgbox @talk 0x6

#org @yo
= Come at me Bro!!!

#org @do
= ....

#org @talk
= ....

Here are the AMap settings:

Movement = $11
Trainer = $01
View Radius = $0004
Person ID = $0000

I want it so that the trainer walks up to the player then battles
You also need to tick the 'Trainer' box on the overworld.

Originally Posted by Ganeshwar View Post
i just want to know how can i insert a headbutt tree script like pokemon shiny can i?
This tutorial should be helpful if you want to make a new behaviour byte.

If you just want the headbuttable tree itself with a different list of Pokemon encounters to the tall grass/ ocean/ fishing lists then use the command 'special 0xAB' in a regular signpost script. This calls the tree-type encounter list when you edit the Wild Pokemon tab in Advance Map.