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Main issue with this is the fact that there's far too much contrast between the background and focal. If you look at it there's a complete lack of compliment between them, which distracts any sense of blending being drawn in as well as the fact that flow is pretty much broken by this fact. Also, be more wary of how much you go and darken your shadows, the burn tool can be a hindrance when you're working with colours already close to black. What you've done is made purple hues darker. Purple is a colour used to flush out differences on a drawing, model, pixel piece, as well as some other mediums. In this case those hues would have made the red hair blend with the skin better, as well as differentiate other colours from one another with more ease. Those colours have been made too dark on the focal which makes the focal seem disjointed and overly dark among the seams.

I actually feel that this tag would have been better without the text. I would rather have seen a version without it so that you can compare. You don't need to use text really, most of the time it's there to fill space or aid a concept when you don't know how to or have the skill to add it yourself. So practice a bit more with making tags that don't use it. Of course, it can simply be an aid, but you need to find that middle ground. If you do use text however, make sure that if you're trying to make it readable, then actually make sure it's clear. In this case the first word "Lilith" looks too much like the word "Wth" or something along those lines due to the fact the first 4 letters clump together and make the letter "W" instead. Or two "U"'s for that matter.

Other than that, you need to actually fill up some of that negative space in the background. Negative space can be a great thing, but it can also just be overkill. Perhaps just more effects behind the effects you have in the foreground, as really there's a bit of a lack of effects going on, especially if you were to take out the text. If you were to go back on it, the main issue you need to work on is the colour scheme working together, and trying something new with the text you have.
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