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Fara O'Shay
Cherrygove City
Her eyes blinked, it took her awhile to remember that she wasn’t actually in the real world. She loved the real world, not the person she was but just the reality of it. One day this would all end whether if that was through an overall win or she died. A band around her wrist was moved to her hair to keep in tied up and away from her face. The day would go smoothly, there were rumors of the Mayor having a special event. She wasn't sure if it was up her alley but anything that got her further in this game was a good enough reason to get out of bed. A purple creature was curled up next to her, Bandino, a virtual Pokemon. Fara was ecstatic that she had a partner through this perilous journey but she needed others to do her bidding because she couldn't allow herself to whiteout.

"Bandino, time to go," Fara nudged the blob next to her as she rose out of the rented bed. She was going to miss this PokeCenter but she couldn't dwell here.

She snatched up all of her items, which she kept in close proximity to the bed just incase there was a thief. In this game the only person a player should trust is their own self. Though, most were looking for companionship and wanted to form a bond and Fara had fully taken advantage of that. In fact, her latest victim rented a room next to hers. She left her room with Bandino in her arms with them strategically placed carefully around him to avoid his poison barbs. Her feet slowed down as she scurried passed the room of a redheaded boy who was faced down into his pillow. A breath escaped her mouth as she made her way down the PokeCenter stairs and then out the front door.

Fara swung her head around searching for anyone that could point her in the direction of the Mayor. Another player crossed her path and she trailed behind her for a bit just enough to gain the knowledge that she was an actual player and not a NPC. The girl had luscious hair that flowed down her back, perched on her shoulder was a Pidgey that seemed to be fast asleep. She quicken her pace to a point where Fara had to go into a trot in order to keep up with her.

"Excuse me, miss?" Fara croaked out, she hoped she sounded as innocent as possible. She learned to play dumb within her first few interactions with others.

"Y-yes?" The girl called back over her shoulder she didn't dare to turn to face Fara.

"I need help, can you take me to the mayor's house?" Fara yelled out, the girl stopped and lifted a finger to point to a house close to the water. "Why are you running?"

"There are rumors that The Slayer is in Cherrygove, I-I just need to go! You should too, he's dangerous!"

"HE? The Slayer is a girl! I mean, I've heard The Slayer is a girl!" Fara said with obvious frustration.

"Whatever!" With that the girl sprinted out of Fara's line of sight.

Fara cursed under her breath for this outspoken correction. It seemed the unfortunate side effect of her rumors were that it was easily changed to a male player. Perhaps that was a good thing, no one would suspect her of being The Slayer, which made it easier to manipulate and use others in the game. Her heels kicked up dust as she strolled toward the house that supposedly contained the Mayor. She rapidly knocked on the door and no answer came, Fara didn't like the sound of that. A shrill voice cried out something but Fara barely made out the words to she assumed it was either "Just a minute!" or "Come in!". A few seconds passed before Fara placed her hands on the door in order to open it when it swung open on its own.

"Ahh, a Trainer how I love when they visit," the shrill voice came back to Fara's ear. The Mayor was a frail woman in light, pink clothing. She wore a small hat that sat upon her gray hair, her smile seemed a little too inviting. "Are you heading toward Route 30?"

"I'm heading whatever you want me to," Fara smiled she needed to hurry this along there were already players who were at Faulkner's Gym and she needed to get there.

"Well, an earlier player refused my request but perhaps you might give me a chance? I need an item for an old friend, Mr Pokemon, and, well, I cannot go myself. Could you?" The lady's face fell as she mentioned how an earlier Trainer had refused her offer.

"Of course!" Fara beamed and waved to the old lady before she walked towards Route 30.

She hoped to avoid every player and be back to Cherrygove City before sun down. Bandino squirmed she was surprised that he hadn't made a noise during the entire adventure throughout that had just happened. He was quiet when he wasn't fighting and when he was he truly came alive. Fara patted his head to let him know she would let him battle soon. Route 30 was said to have two paths but which one did she need to take to get to Mr Pokemon's house? There wasn't anyone around that could give her advice but Fara was confident that she could easily pick the road with the information she had gathered before entering Cherrygrove City.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey