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You make the process quick with your LIGHTWRATHER. A very efficient weapon, that is. So efficient that the pigs stop to marvel at it.

"Where did you buy that axe?" the important looking pig asks, kicking another pig in the stomach before he could ask the same question before him. "Is it expensive? Is it mass produced? It looks just like the thing we could use to cut away annoyingly hard tree stems! And it looks quick enough to be able to slash those fairies in half too!"

Some pigs that have gathered around the important one nod approvingly and are closing in on you with their hands raised. It seems like they want to take the LIGHTWRATHER away from you!

==> Flee from the pigs or otherwise get out of this mess somehow. End up in a dirty city that looks like it was built for humans, but with stressed up pigs living there instead. You're free to make it up however you want and encounter whatever pigs or imps/ogres that you want.

When you have outsmarted or outrun or otherwise hid from the crazy pigs, a glowing creature the size of a Barbie doll appears in the air in front of you. It squeaks happily in a language you don't really understand, with a voice a bit too high pitched for you to really hear. She flies up to you and hands you a little present. It is a white pendant in a chain. On the pendant, a purple mark is, looking like a cat's face with a pair of huge boobs underneath...

==> Who could possibly have given this to the fairy? Hmm? What's his name? Hmm? Just say the sprite's name out loud.
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