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Beck de Telarius: The Hermit

"I've wrapped your wounds now, so you'll need to wash them with antiseptic mixed with water and re-wrap them every six or so hours," Beck passed one of the guards a bottle and a roll of material. "Think of it like... when you wake up, after lunch and before dinner, alright?"

"Thank-you very much," the guard graciously took the antiseptic and material from Beck and smiled. Beck was all too happy to return the smile. As an Alchemist, it felt good to help others. Leaving the infirmary with less pain and a positive attitude was way better than a grown man wailing. With a nod, Beck showed the guard to the door and escorted him outwards. As the guard walked away, Beck turned his head to glance out a window. It was already night time and the moon was shining quite brightly on the mansion. It would be a nice scene to paint if Beck had the time or the skill.


He turned his head at the mention of his name, Aislinn Brennan hurrying towards him. It was odd, why wasn't she wearing her uniform like she had been before? And why was she wearing make-up? And jewellery? And a really nice dre--

"Aw, shoot!" Beck quickly stepped inside the door, grabbed his coat from the rack, and bolted down the hallway and past Mrs. Brennan, who was wearing a disappointing look on her face. Beck wasn't worried at all what she thought, it was his brother that Beck worried about the most. Luckily though, the infirmary wasn't too far away from the La Famiglia's quarters and Beck was in his room and out of his usual clothing in record time. He very quickly bathed, shaved his face as clean as he could and made a very quick decision on what suit he would wear. He had a few, thanks to Marcus and Camellia (only because she liked clothes), but choosing which was most appropriate was hard. Indeed, it was a ball and that required formal attire, but how formal was too formal? Bow tie? Black tie? No tie at all? Argh!!

Spontaneity picked the black bow tie with a suit and so, with a quick neaten up of his hair and removal of his earrings, Beck was suited up and out the door.

Just as he reached one of the side entrances into the ball, Beck did his thing; invisibility at the moment was the best way to one, sneak into the party without attracting attention to himself and two, pretending like he had been there the entire time. The music was still playing when Beck sidled through an ajar door so it didn't seem like he missed out too much. As he made his way across the floor, trying to find a familiar face that he wanted to talk to, the entire room fell silent and the La Famiglia Papa, Nova, entered.

Beck was next to Flint at the refreshments table when he made himself visible as the speeches started and when they were finished, he had no idea what to say. For a moment, Beck stared into space, absorbing the information that had been given to him.

Someone had to... die?

And then, all at once, a thousand and one things flew into Beck's head. He knew for certain that he was not Papa material (that responsibility landed on Marcus' shoulders) and would probably be defeated in the first round. So, what if Beck was to offer his life? No... as noble as that would be, he did not deserve to die. As far as he knew, neither did anybody else. So, what if you contracted one of the remaining cards with someone who did deserve to die, like a criminal? A person with a fatal disease? An elderly person? Would their life force be enough?

Another question he asked himself was why the Wheel started spinning in the first place. Was it something that was completely random or was it triggered by an event? And if said event was somehow delayed or stopped, would the wheel stop? Or if the Papa or Felicita died? Was it a matter of the wheel stopping though, removing its pointer or keep it spinning?

The atmosphere felt much too dense to ask such serious questions right now, so Beck kept his mouth shut and his eyes glued to his shoes.

There had to be another way, right? There was always another way.
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