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Adam Randi - Justice Arcana

Well now he just felt bad, terrible even. This wasn't so much because he lied to Sword; no, he had a deep rooted disdain for them. Rather, it was because he just lied to someone and made himself look like a stereotype...with little fanfare. Really, it was to be expected, as the officer was quite composed, and there was no way something so trivial would spark ayd noticeable anger. What's more, he talked about Oda and ways he definitely wished he hadn't. As such, Adam sighed and slid to the ground with his back to the wall.

Adam didn't see Mina watching from somewhere, and he actually anticipated her to run towards him only to charge towards someone else and leave him to his own devices, but that didn't happen this time. Adam surmised that she probably found a nice guy to dance with, and she probably found a nice guy to talk with, and she probably found a nice guy to hang out with. He depressed himself with his own thoughts, in the end the ball became a waiting game rather than an actual social event.

He looked up from the ground when he heard Liberta's irritatingly cheerful voice that tore through his mood like butter. He decided to completely disregard him as he suspected that he was only going to talk about miscellaneous crap that Adam didn't feel like hearing at the moment. He returned his sights to the ground and left himself pray to his own sadness.

Still, he noted Mama's mention of the bandits and that they were possibly just the fingers of a larger organization, but he didn't really care- or rather, he couldn't. After the series of particularly bad events that had happened that day, such as Adam falling from a roof to his straight out rejection, he was feeling pretty down. He was sure that the world was out to get him, and all he had to do was make it to the next day to change its disposition towards him. He knew that he would get orders, and as long as he followed them, he would be fine and people would praise him; there was no need for him to know the details behind their operations.

What did catch his ear, however, was the mention of the Arcana Duello. They said that it was a way to see who had the most power over their emotions. Adam found this to be hilarious, and he laughed pretty loud at it, having some of the eyes closer to Adam turned to him. He really didn't care about the glares he was getting, he found the idea of the Arcana Duello to be hilarious and fascinating, and he couldn't hold it in. He thought that one who could best control their emotions would not necessarily mean they were fit to lead. Conversely, one who had best control of their powers would definitely be the best to hold such an important position. He was starting to get excited, but he knew that he wouldn't get The World and, even if he were to win, he certainly wouldn't want the responsibility. He was considering giving up his arcana, however. He knew he could live without it, and there were surely others who needed their arcanas more than he did. He was hesitant to do so as the life he had at that point was completely built around him having his arcana, as was his promise to his father and sister. He would lose everything if he gave up his arcana, and that was a fate worse than death to him.

After all was said and done, Adam smiled, but then drowsiness hit him like a bag of bricks. Really, he was planning to leave the party, but looking back, it was somewhat late, and he didn't get too much sleep the previous night. His eyes returned to the ground. They struggled to focus on any fine details in the flooring as they constantly blurred and made erratic movements. It was no use, Adam decided to stop fighting it and accepted the sweet embrace of sleep.
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