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    Hi Guys,
    here are some of my cards that I don't know how much they are worth: (all are mint condition, and are earlier than Diamond/Pearl unless marked D&P)
    Dark Marowak 7/109
    Dark Octillery 8/109
    Holo Delta Species Jolteon 7/113
    D&P Magnezone 6/100
    D&P Magmortar LV.X 123/123
    D&P Charizard 3/132
    Holo Shiftry ex 97/108
    Delta Species Holo Salamence ex 98/101
    Delta Species Holo Gyarados 8/110 (ex Holon Phantoms)
    Delta Species Holo Rayquaza ex 97/101
    D&P Holo Mewtwo LV.X DP28

    Multi Energy ex Holon Phantoms 96/110
    ex PowerKeepers holo Multi Energy 89/108
    Holon Energy 86/101

    Thank You Very Much