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Originally Posted by Wind Heart View Post
The stories were awesome! By the way, if you must train Vaporeon, what do you think its moveset will/must be?
I use a super bulky Vaporeon on a Rain Dance team with lots of walling capabilities from EVs/nature/Hydration, and the moveset:

~ Rest
~ Scald
~ Roar
~ Toxic

He's able to heavily poison the enemy with Toxic or burn them with Scald whilst keeping his health up with health regeneration from Rest, Leftovers & Hydration, then simply outlast them with this health regeneration and force enemies with a type advantage to swap out via Roar so he doesn't get too badly hurt. However, if you're not a fan of using weather then here's an alternative setup you could try (taken from Smogon):

~ Wish
~ Protect
~ Scald
~ Roar / Ice Beam / Toxic

Basically it'd work by stalling for health with Wish and Protect whilst whittling away health from Scald an whatever you choose for position three. I'd suggest Ice Beam or Roar here since Scald will often burn the enemy leaving Toxic somewhat redundant and Roar can be very useful for escaping tricky situations.