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@Wandering~Leaf - Welcome to the club! Congrats on the Eevee; 6 hours?! What a nice short first hunt, lol! Good luck on Houndour!

@Peko - Welcome back to the club, long time no see eh? Good luck with that, maybe it'll be nice this time..

@Arlo - Welcome to the club! :D

@Slender - Eh? I honestly have never heard of a shiny becoming non shiny outside of colosseum/xd, where did ya hear that?

Mainly posting to say that I haven't done shiny cards in a while but I'm excited for them again! So if anyone wants one (even though I'm out of practice lol) feel free to shoot me a VM!
Oh yeah, I ordered a Soulsilver so that eventually I can SR Groudon on there, Kyogre on my HG, and then put both in one game and SR Rayquaza! Might also restart my HG and dual hunt a shiny starter.... We'll see!

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