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    A Rock/Grass type pokemon called Cocoanut (Bad pun)

    The Coconut pokemon.
    It usually sits on top of trees and fall down on unexpecting Pokemon and people. Living in groups, they like to gang up on bigger Pokemon than itself.
    Height: 0.8m Weight: 1 kg
    Base stats:
    30 Hp/40 Atk/60 Def/ 20 Sp.Atk/ 60 Sp.Def/ 30 Spd
    Evolves into Busherflow by level 29

    The Walking Bush Pokemon.
    This Pokemon is known for storing a lot of things on its thick folliage-like fur. When hungry, it takes off the things and eats them, whether they're edible or not.
    Height: 1.3m Weight: 45kg
    Base stats:
    120 Hp/100 Atk/125 Def/95 Sp.Atk/125 Sp.Def/85 Spd
    Evolves from Cocoanut at level 29.
    Will upload pics of them.
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