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The Haunted House
Hello, everybody, and welcome to The Haunted House; Ghost-Type Fan Club. I really recommend you give this a read since it is not your normal club. This will be run a bit differently to give your Pokemon more meaning and to try to motivate more posting. Basically, you choose 2 Pokemon, both are the pre-evolutions of their line. These Pokemon will all start at level 1, and every time you post, you can level up one of your partner Pokemon! Your Pokemon can only evolve once they've reached the required level to do so (the levels of each evolution will be found lower down in the thread). You don't have to evolve a Pokemon, when it reaches evolution level, state whether you would like to stop your Pokemon from evolving. Information concerning this will be in the rules. Please be aware, however, that Pokemon that only become Ghost-type after evolution will not be allowed to be partnered, but can still be used as discussion and counted as Ghost-type within the club. Everything else will run as normal, with activities and topics being introduced every so often. One more thing, you can't level up on your first post (unless you answer the topic!) just like I cannot level up by making this thread, unfortunately.


• Follow all PC and Pokemon Clubs' Rules
• Do no troll, spam or flame
• Respect all members and their opinions
• Always note the Pokemon you want to level up at the end of your post!
• Always keep discussion calm and civil
• Have fun and remember to read the introduction if you haven't!



Level 25 Level 36
Level 37
Level 28
Level 37Level 50
Level 41Level 55
Level 40
Level 34
Does not evolve
Does not evolve
Does not evolve
Does not evolve
Level 40
Level 43

Sign-up form:
Ghosts. Why:

Excluding myself, the founder, there are 4 different ranks a member can be in.
Boomers are the members who post regularly mainly with quality, contribute to the group and a re very active. They can promote and demote other members, as well as start activities and topics.

Creepers are the members who post regularly and mostly with quality, contribute to the group and are active. They can start activities and topics.
are the members who post regularly and professionally and are active. They can start topics.
Weepers are where everyone starts. They are normal members and can receive promotion if earned.

Pave Low |
Level 7 | Level 1




AlexOzzyCake |Level 2 | Level 2
Wandering~Leaf |Level 3 | Level 2
Hikari10 | Level 1 | Level 2
CourageHound | Level 5 | Level 2
Olli97 | Level 2 | Level 1
Avishka | Level 2 | Level 1
Mewtwomew | Level 2 | Level 1
pokeuser7878 |Level 1
JNathan | Level 3

Current Topic
What are your partners like? Think about personality, nature, behavior etc.
Remember, the more quality and effort put into posts will be recognized and gives you a higher chance of promotion

Userbars & Banners
None ATM.
If you make one, PM it to myself or a Boomer and it will be approved or disapproved.
Credit is given where credit is due.

News & Updates
I am currently working on the CSS myself, so the thread will look fancy soon enough.

Highest Level Partners
This will start once the thread starts going for a while.