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    With each new Beta, there will be more features implemented. For example, day and night events (Hahaha, there will be a nighttime only gym leader event in Silverdust Town involving the mystery of Forslorn Forest!), Physical/Special Split and Berry Trees!

    Berries regrow during the hours of 12am to 10am (You have to check them growing if you want to pick them up after the hours of 10am!)

    Also on a side note:
    Hours of the day are:

    Early Morning - 12am to 6am
    Morning - 6am to 12pm
    Day (Afternoon) - 12pm to 6pm
    Evening - 6pm to 7pm (Sun starts to set)
    Evening - 7pm to 8pm (Almost Night)
    Night - 8pm to 12am

    Rarer berries may have different growing rates or altogether have different time frames for berry picking! Learn them though in-game experience!

    I am also giving my maps a slightly graphical update to make them look better. Time to start doing some dirty work messing around with tiles and graphics again!


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