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Lucy - Mt. Coronet
Lucy seemed oblivious to the fact that she had just totally creeped Bay out a bit. The fact that she had just eaten a dude didn't seem to faze her either. Yeah, that could've been you, Bay. Try to imagine what Blaine was going through right then. Can you even manage that? Amethyst might have an idea, only Lucy had been careful to be gentle with her. Judging by the way she was handling herself posture-wise and her complete ignorance of any complaints that might be coming from within her, physical or otherwise, she just did not care at the moment.

A boy's voice called out to her from back at the lab as she tried to get moving and she stopped, turning her upper body and head to look behind her. Oh... that was Bay. Somehow she had missed him not following her out. she guessed they /should/ probably deal with the rest of that liquid. She glanced at the two boys she had asked to follow her for a moment as if considering their reaction. Bay wanted her to tell him what to do? Well... she guessed she could do that. Lucy raised her voice a bit to call out in return.

"Destroy it!" she said. "We're heading back to the top." she continued to explain, before turning and glancing at Amethyst, who was reaching for a hand. Lucy happily took the smaller girl's hand and gripped it nice and firmly. She then turned back to the two boys. "You've been there, right..?" she asked, her tone honestly not very hostile. As far as she was concerned these boys were kind of childish for listening to their Dad still. Childish—Y'know, like Amethyst.

"What you need to see is up there." she continued, glancing at Amethyst briefly. "Your /father/ told us that this liquid was meant cripple pokespirit wielders like us—Like you." she said, quick to point out that the poison would effect them too. "It shouldn't effect humans at all... meant to destroy our kind." she continued to explain, shaking her head. She was currently waiting, giving Bay the time to do what he needed. "I'm Lucy, and this is Amethyst. She's... basically my daughter?" Lucy said, introducing Amethyst. In all honesty she didn't have the language skills to better explain her relationship with Amethyst. What was adoption, and biological DNA? How do they work? None of that nonsense would've mattered to her anyway. It was all pretentious science-talk! Psh, scientists

"There was some sort of disaster a long time ago, before the world was like 'this'." she began to explain. "It's why there's no food." she went on. It was hard to say how much of this was coming from her pokespirit and how much from word-of-mouth. "The voice in your head probably remembers!" she suggested, helpfully. Indeed, as no pokemon had been alive since more or less before the catastrophe all but the rarest of pokespirits would be able to remember a time before the apocolypse.

"If your Dad got his wish—I... I honestly don't know /what/ would happen." she explained thoughtfully. CLEARLY destruction would rain from the sky and kill them all. "But... it wouldn't be good. That's why you need to see something." she finished, before glancing back in search of Bay. Regardless of whether he'd finished she would proceed to start heading up to the top. He'd have time to catch up. Progress was slower than normal given Lucy's burden of carrying all that extra, unwieldy weight, but they were already most of the way up anyway.

When the group reached the top of the mountain Lucy stopped for a moment to look around. The living painting from before was still there, depicting the depressing life of two pokespirit wielders, one of which Lucy had absorbed earlier. The other, a smeargle wielder, seemed to be asleep... Upon closer inspection however it might appear they had finally given into hunger and perished.... perhaps recently. Their pokespirit hadn't left them.

Lucy however moved directly to the pillar, only to find that she had to bend over to see the text past her rather gravid stomach. Sigh... Her ability to show mercy sure could be an inconvenience! She silently reminded herself that even that served it's good purposes, thinking back to Amethyst.

"...There." she said, finally pointing out the odd, seemingly alien text at the base of the spire jutting out from the ground. Above them a cloud of hovering souls fluttered around the tip of the spire, making it look a bit like a supernatural tree. "It's not English, but if you look at it the voice in your head should be able to translate it." she explained, directing her free hand to the text. Her other hand was occupied with Amethyst's. Indeed the text could be read, and read as followed:

The world has been broken, and it is humanity's fault.
It is up to you to bring justice to yourselves and the world.
You must guide yourself, however...
These are the laws of Arceus!
Let yourself be washed of your moral preconceptions. From the first time you've read these commandments, let them be your only laws. Then and only then allow yourselves to rediscover what you believe is right or wrong.
You shall not harm the spirit of the pokemon, lest divine retribution strike.
You shall be in possession of no more than six pokemon spirits at any one time, lest your spirit become suppressed.
If you take the spirit of the pokemon from another you must take it for your own, lest it turn on you.
You shall not harm children under the age of fourteen that have not yet received their pokemon spirit.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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