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    Finished unless you tell me to add/change/delete something. x3

    By the way, Rule 6 states that you don't accept reservations but you do accept reservations now. Where's my cookie?

    Zara Serena Freya
    Knights of Ekilore
    Weapon Preference:
    Primary Weapon: Longsword.
    Secondary Weapon: Backsword
    75% Elf, 25% Human (Father was full Elf, Mother was Half-Elf, Half-Human)
    Country of Origin:
    Zara's midnight black hair is cropped in a boyish cut, very reminiscent to Emma Watson. Her hair is straight and retains the same musical sheen that other elves seem to have, despite her being a quarter human. She retains pointed ears and the pale, almost moonlight skin that most elves in her father’s family seem to share. No matter how much Zara spends time outside, she never seems to tan or even get facial blemishes, such as freckles or even scars. The scars bit annoys her because she worked hard to get as skilled as she is today and the fact that she has no scars makes it seem like she hasn’t worked for her abilities. Zara has the same eye colour as her mother; a deep, emerald eyes that are often compressed due to the usual grin on her face. Zara wears no jewelry. Zara is often mistaken as a rather feminine looking male and doesn’t mind keeping it that way until she speaks as she does have an obvious female voice, although it is not very high pitch.

    Zara is taller than her father’s 5’6 and her mother’s 5’5, as she stands at an even 5’8. She is rather lean and thin, but her finely developed muscles show that she is not one of those girls who just drinks tea all day. No, she is a warrior and it shows from the way she walks to the way she fights. Her breasts are fairly small, even for her weight, considering that she has less body fat than most. She generally binds her breasts, which makes her look flat-chested. Her body is covered by a thin, yet versatile body armour that protects her from the elements. Her mother, someone who has a magic spark, charmed the armour so that it would protect her from most blows of sharp swords; although, if she gets hit constantly and in the same spot, she will be cut. The body armour is a mixture of the colours silver, black, white, and dark green, showcasing where she is from and where her father and her mother’s grandmother was from. When speaking to the officials of Ellessar, she will wear an armour of the colours silver and black, just so that no one would get offended (although she would probably enjoy the looks on their faces). Her shoes are flats that allow her to move quickly and quietly. Like Zara’s body armour, they have the same charm. Her swords are held on her belt with their own charm attached to it; a person who is not Zara cannot wield her swords.
    People either hate or love Zara. Zara likes to pretend that she is the most happiest, gullible, idiotic, and naive person that has ever existed. She plays the joker and is very charismatic. She generally lowers people’s guards and make them underestimate her. It generally works well as she knows how to change her body language so that she seems to be incompetent in, well, everything. Feigning ignorance is one of her finely honed tools. She can be rather sarcastic, snarky, and have dry humour, even with the mask on. She likes to play with prefixes of words to try to change their meaning, such as "under/overwhelmed" and "whelmed" or "disaster" or "aster." While in the mask, she may let a few sparks of brilliance come out, but only to unnerve whoever she is trying to manipulate or show people that ought to think that she is competent that she is competent.

    When Zara drops the jester mask, Zara is extremely intelligent and manipulative; although, not without a strong sense of morals. She follows the rules of the sword and other things she picked up from her journey that she found that she had a distaste to. She is still sarcastic, snarky, and has dry humour, but knows how to find weaknesses and make people bleed with just words alone. While she knows that she is a damn good at manipulating people and getting them to follow her, she is not arrogant enough to believe that she can manipulate everyone that comes her way (although she can try) and knows that she will likely be manipulated also.

    Zara is a rather graceful loser to the opponent, but will hit herself hard when she loses. At times, she can have rather low self-esteem if she suffers from too many defeats. She always blames herself when she loses and tells herself that she could have found a way out if she had just been smarter. Zara is rather tough on herself and holds herself to high standards. When she doesn’t meet those standards, Zara begins to train and study furiously.

    She rarely, if ever, loses her temper and that is only when someone does something against the moral code she has, such as hitting a child or abusing your wife. While Zara knows that people rarely, if ever, care about people that do not directly involve them, she always tries to help people in need and if she personally can’t, she will call in a favour and get that person help. Some people may call it noble, but Zara calls it decency.

    All in all, Zara is a rather complex person.
    Zara was borne of the Elf James Palmer and the Half-Elf, Half-Human Gwendolyn Verrand. James and Gwendolyn were in Ellessar at the time as James was one of the peace ambassadors of Miracyia and Gwendolyn was the sister of one of the greatest swords master in all of Aerion. While Zara wasn’t royalty, her family, particularly her father, had more political control than the average commoner, which allowed them to live fairly well compared to others as they lived in a rather nice embassy in Tallis.

    Ever since she was three years old, while most children her age would be playing with other children or peacefully playing with “dollies”, Zara was studying politics, learning how to use swords from her mother’s brother, and how to use words in order to manipulate people. Morals and rules were near often beat into her while Zara was training with the sword. When she was not training, she was studying and learning how to direct conversations so that she could get the information she needed. Zara was practically hand-crafted to be the best weapon, physically and mentally, as she could be.

    Even though the training was hard and she would often walk away frustrated when she couldn’t understand something in politics, Zara loved training in every aspect. Zara especially loved to broaden her knowledge and even read about other things that she remained ignorant about on her own. Zara loved the proud feeling that emanated from her parents and uncle whenever she got a political fact right or when she got a technique right. The first time she managed to manipulate a conversation to benefit her at the age of six, Zara’s parents threw a party for the four of them to celebrate.

    When she got a bit older, around eight years old, Zara’s parents started to teach her about deception and how useful it was to manipulate people. They also told her about defences that she needed to put up around herself so that no one could see her weaknesses. Zara’s parents would send her off into the streets and have her lie to people about who she is and try to get them to do what she wanted. Since she was so young at the time, she succeeded well and still uses the deception lessons to this day.

    When Zara was thirteen, she had never had a friend. James and Gwendolyn had kept her daughter a secret from the world as the best weapon was the card held in one’s sleeves. While going to do her normal deception lessons, she met a few children her age that wanted to hang out with her. Believing that her character would not refuse, Zara accepted. She felt that it was weird that the kids were so carefree and didn’t even work hard but ultimately enjoyed hanging out with them. When Zara stated that she had to leave, she was already out later than she usually was, they called her a friend and hoped that she would be able to see her again. Her heart warm, Zara went back home to find her parents upset and aghast that the reason why she was late was because she was hanging out with people her age. They banned her from ever speaking to the kids again and, for the first time, Zara felt resent towards her parents rise up inside her, although she hid it between her usual compliance.

    At eighteen, Zara defeated Gwendolyn’s brother for the first time while he was going all out. According to Gwendolyn’s brother, Zara was considered a master swordsman. While Gwendolyn’s brother still taught her some new tricks, he believed that they were near equals from then on. At that moment at time, Zara felt that she had enough of the strict laws her parents placed on her, Zara used everything her parents taught her to manipulate them into allowing her to become her own person. In order to keep the deception of James and Gwendolyn not having a child, Zara changed her name to the name she has today (yes, that means her name wasn’t originally Zara). Zara started to travel through all of Rolsten.

    While in other places, Zara had quite the adventure. She met Elves, Dwarfs, people in need, mercenaries, what others consider to be “scum,” and helped a lot of people on her travels. Zara experienced the best and the worst of humanity first hand and although there was a lot of bad that mixed with the good, she enjoyed herself and her freedom. Some highlights from Zara’s journey were saving a relative of Armand Terrin while they (meaning the relative) travelled through the Wilds; creating an information web with the so-called “scum” of the slums; gaining favours from potential allies; winning an underground sword tournament; and generally making friends or pissing people off. She made it back to James and Gwendolyn a few days before the present.

    When they were choosing a representative of Ellessar, James had nominated her, not as his daughter (because, for reasons Zara didn't know, they were still pretending they didn't have a child), but as a master swordsman who had trained underneath Gwendolyn's brother for twelve years and was now considered equals to him. James also talked about how Zara saved a relative of the Voice. While they still had doubts about asking an unknown person for help, a letter came from Palaven, asking whether or not they had a Zara Freya in the city-state; the letter had the Voice's official seal. Now knowing that Zara really had, in fact, helped a relative of the Voice, they decided on sending her as a representative to Ekilore.
    RP Sample:
    Taken from my first post on Pokemon Trainer Academy because, I hope at least, my writing style has changed (for the better) during my death. Even though you guys have seen me RP before...
    Bai Kong

    Bai took in a deep breath and let it out, smelling the crisp and wonderful ocean air as the boat travelled towards the Pokemon Trainer Academy. She was nervous about teaching trainers, some probably only a bit younger than her, about going on a journey; she knew that her journey was probably abnormal compared to most even if one did not pay attention to the fact that she was four people in one body. Plus, there would be the fact that she could black out at any time during her lessons, and she hadn't told anybody about her...condition except Cynthia, although she was sure that the headmaster of the Academy knew. After all, one does not hire someone without getting their full background. She would probably have to warn her students too, as it was not do well for them to needlessly panic when she blacked out.

    Most people would be worried if they kept on passing out without much warning, but to Bai, this was already normal. In fact, it had been happening to her since she was nine years old when she got into an accident involving fire, which gave her the very unattractive burn scar that reached to the back of her neck to the middle of her back. It was obvious that it was very painful. Because of this incident, her mind broke and split into two different entities, one named Bai and the other named Hei. They were complete opposites of each other: while Bai was happy, sweet, and confident, Hei was angry, sadistic, and arrogant. Bai's mind broke two more times; once when she was the only one who could deal with a hostage situation, which created Hui, an intelligent, lazy individual who really only comes out when she has a chance to test her intelligence. The last time was due to her torture at the hands of an evil team, Team Viper, in Unova. This time created Lan, a sad, lost, and even broken girl. Still, at some point, Bai's psyche had started to heal, merging the four personalities slowly, which starts with Bai gaining memories of everything. When Bai is starting to gain a memory, she, as she calls it, "blacks out" or passes out and when one memory comes, usually more memories follow. In between memories coming back, Bai has no idea where she is and is usually seeing things that would break most people. It certainly broke Bai.

    Bai sighed. She didn't even have a map of the Academy and she didn't even know where to go. Worry about classes some other time, Bai thought to herself. Right now, hope that Cynthia would be waiting at the dock.

    In fact, from the bow of the boat, she could see the Pokemon Trainer Academy. They would probably reach it in about ten minutes, judging by the speed the ship was going and how the island seemed to be growing.

    Bai took in another deep breath, trying to banish her nervousness. She was usually quite confident in herself, but there was a difference on knowing that you were good at pokemon battles and knowing that you could teach a class about how to survive. After all, a lot of new trainers don't even survive to their third gym badge; they usually died in the wilderness, either due to an extremely aggressive wild pokemon, or because they did not have the necessary tools for surviving without a mum to help out with the cooking and the shelter over their heads.

    Most ten year old kids had no idea how to cook, much less fend for themselves by scavenging or taking extra care of their supplies. In fact, perhaps that should be a lesson; know how to cook, scavenge, and take care of their supplies.

    Way to go, Bai, she thought to herself. You have one lesson plan down.

    Bai could see the dock and noticed a blonde figure waiting. She smiled. Cynthia didn't let her down after all.


    As soon as the ship was docked, Bai ran off the ship and hugged Cynthia. Cynthia, smiling, hugged back.

    "Hello, Bai," she said softly. Cynthia paused. "You are Bai, right?"

    Bai chuckled. "You think Hei, Hui, or Lan would give you such a warm welcome?"

    "Maybe Lan," Cynthia replied thoughtfully.

    "If she wasn't too busy crying," said Bai without bite; she knew that Lan had the most painful memories of her life, so she was thankful to Lan for keeping those memories at bay for a few years, even if she was gaining a few of those memories now.

    Cynthia stepped out of the hug. "Nervous about teaching?"

    Bai smiled. "A bit, yeah. Not sure what I could tell them."

    "Most of the students here are rather bright," Cynthia stated, as they walked away from the docks. "Most do not have much experience as you do, so remember that."

    "I'm pretty sure that's why I'm a teacher and they are students," Bai replied dryly.

    "Such cheek!" exclaimed Cynthia with shock. "When did you pick up such a mouth?"

    "From you," teased Bai. "Didn't you know? You are a terrible influence."

    "I'm a Pokemon League Champion, I can't be a terrible influence," Cynthia stated, aghast.

    "You are a terrible influence," Bai repeated with a smile.

    Cynthia rolled her eyes, but the effect was ruined by the grin on her face. "I'm not quite sure when your classes start, as I haven't talked to the headmaster yet. Are you going to tell your students about...?"

    Bai sighed, all remnants of the good feeling their bantering had brought gone. "I probably should. They should know that a journey is not to be taken lightly. Maybe one class a week, I'll share something from my own journey?"

    "Unova?" asked Cynthia solemnly.

    Bai shrugged. "I hope that they will never have to fight against an evil team, but one does need to be prepared on the evils of the world."

    "Are you going to speak about--"

    "No," Bai interrupted. "I only have one memory from that period of time, probably because my mind knew I couldn't handle more, and even that memory was a horrible one. I'm trying to teach them to be careful, not for them to never go on a journey."

    Cynthia gave Bai a one-armed hug as they walked. "You hungry?"

    "Starved and parched, actually." Bai smiled.

    "Let's go to the cafeteria before we visit the headmaster," suggested Cynthia.

    "Alright," Bai agreed.

    They walked, more like Cynthia steered and Bai just came along for the ride, to the cafeteria.

    Zara has a rare ability called the "Gift of Tongues" which allows her to automatically be fluent in a language if she hears it once; strictly human languages though. This gift is purely from her father’s side of the family and is their bloodline. In the past, from a very long time ago, they used to be able to speak to animals, but the magic dwindled as time moved on and clans mixed.
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