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She moved her eyes to the other boy in the room. "There's to many people here..." She said quietly. She looked at Makoto, "Makoto I need you to stand watch outside, along with the other boy. I'll take the berries in a moment, I have to talk to Aria first, alone."

Makoto nodded and grabbed the other boy's arm, dragging him outside forcibly. He said as he walked out, "Did you know Spark is my friend because she helped me? And now that you are helping her I can be your friend!"

"He is eccentric Aria, but trustworthy. But that isn't as important as what I have to say next." She breathed hard, "This world is in a very bad state. The ability to look back shows me that it used to be a thriving world full of good endings." Spark wished to move badly, but this needed to come first. "I want that world, I want a future where others can live happy, not in fear. I think we can do it too, we can repair this world. We just need to get what is missing. We need to bring Pokemon back." She sighed again, "but that isn't the only thing, we need to free as many kids as possible, get them spirits, and then we need to take over the land. Maybe if whatever took the Pokemon away sees a better world, it will give them back."
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