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My old computer broke down so I can no longer continue my solo with Phione. So instead, I'm doing a whole different solo challenge. This time, it's ultimate.

Pokemon Being Used: Koffing\Weezing
Games: Fire Red Omega, Shiny Gold, Emerald, Prestigious Platinum, Blaze Black 2


-Used A-starter to change Koffing into my starter
-Named my character Ken
-Named my Rival Ryu
-beat my rival (I'm doing a street fighter thing here!)
-Obtained my Koffing and named it Blanka
-Got the parcel and the Pokedex
-Beat my Rival again
-Got though the Forest and made my way to Pewter city.
-Beat Brock on my 2nd try
-Made my way though Mt.Moon
- Got to Cerulean city
-Beat the trainers on the bridge and helped Bill
-Beat Misty after a ton of tries. (In Omega, a lot of her Pokemon have psychic attacks)
-Saved and exited

My Pokemon team :
Blanka,the male,impish Koffing
Lv:34 (Woot! One level untill evolution!)
Poison Gas

Right now, I think my Koffing is really strong. I leveled him up a lot because Fire Red Omega is a TON harder then normal Fire Red.
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