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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    To me "explicit" means "Warning! Contains crappy music." That's my experience of music with explicit lyrics labels for the most part. My experience is that explicit lyrics are disproportionately found in bad music. But I don't buy music without having an idea of what I'm getting first, whether it's from listening to some of the songs first or just being familiar with the artist, so a label of "explicit" isn't really going to change my mind since I'm already 99% sure of what I'm doing.
    Can I maybe introduce you to channel orange? There are a lot more but they're mainly rap which isn't really palatable to everyone but the one I linked is R&B and I'm honestly not sure how someone could consider that album crappy music.

    Explicit doesn't mean anything to me other than that there's excessive profanity throughout an album I guess to shield kids from it, even though they discuss sexual themes in a lot of pop songs too and those aren't often censored [though VEVO will censor names of guns and drugs <333]. I agree with Patchisou Yutohru though; I buy the explicit version with the actual intended lyrics, buying a clean version unless you're a really young kid or something is just ridiculous.
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