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Nice, unique start to the chapter... it's a different way to set the stage for the next few chapters, and gives Pastoria a history and character that's not really touched upon in the games.

“Hotel Grand Lake.” It was clearly a popular place, for the driveway was nearly filled to the brim with expensive cars, forcing others to park beside the road
Quality Inn's still better "Cause it's a national chain xD

BTW, is Grand Lake here the same as it is in the games (i.e., each room in its own building) or is it more of a traditional style hotel?

The Cadillac was neither new nor old, neither clean nor dusty, the sort that would blend right in with the rest of the road.
My dad's first car was a '58 Cadillac that would have fit this description perfectly in '63 lol. Not sure what color it was - even he and his sister disagree on the subject xD

She stood with her back to him a little ways to the side, one hand laid over the bar, the other raised slightly, as if to grasp something in the air. The breeze rippled the skirt of her white dress, and strands of long, blonde hair.
Wow, that could've been a description of Lisa if she had dyed her hair - and if this was a nationally franchised hotel chain xD

And leave it to Michael and Ringo to stir up chaos, even if their intentions were good this time And could romance be in the air for Michael? I mean, damn, man, you just got a cute girl's phone number, and she gave it to you instead of you asking for it!

Hmmm... and another familiar face shows up... I wonder what sort of fishy, shady operation he's got his sights on this time.

Nice detail about the Valor Lake area of town... it sounds like exactly the type of place a certain rich girl trainer would be right at home in I also like how Pastoria has distinct "districts" each with their own unique style and feel. It's kind of like the whole "expanding out to the suburbs" that was going on at the time, with the wealthy moving out to the outskirts and developing it to their tastes. And it does sound pretty convenient to have all trainer facilities clustered in one area.

And yay, next town! Not a lot of action, but definitely a lot of foreshadowing... something tells me that something big is gonna go down here while Michael and Co. are in town...

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