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<> // Cherrygrove City
Birdie had been in and out of the Pokémon Centre a few times now, only because they were the only place in Cherrygrove which actually gave you a bed which was free. He had never actually been in there to heal his Pokémon. When Birdie stepped up to the counter to ask if he could get Todo healed (even though Todo was perfectly healthy, you could never be too careful), he couldn't help but chuckle. This was a real life (not exactly real life, but it sure felt like it) Pokémon Centre and the nurse was spitting image (well, as far as spitting could get to 2D sprites) of one of her in-game counterparts. He hadn't really noticed this before and it was... well, amusing.

After his little fumbling with his thoughts, he returned Todo to his PokéBall with a press of a button and handed it over. The process took only a few moments, much like the actual game, and Todo was handed back to him in top shape.

"We hope to see you again!"


So, what would he do now? He could go train, maybe, or do some more quests. With his new found confidence, Birdie kinda wanted to see Mr. Pokémon. In the original games, Mr. Pokémon took an egg from you and then very conveniently, Professor Oak showed up to give you a PokéDex. Though this game was very different, Birdie could imagine that if the man gave you a quest, it would be way better than fetching berries. Speaking of which...

Birdie quickly opened his menu to check his new stats on being a 'Berry Brewer' (he would probably call it an Alchemist from now on since Berry Brewer sounded quite embarrassing). Every current stat about it was on predictably on zero but there was another option to open up recipes. The one who had given him the quest said that he'd given him a recipe which wasn't a lie, as there was one recipe there for a... 'Potion'. Well, that would be handy.
>>To create a POTION, the following items are needed:
>>(empty) BOTTLE
It seemed the better you got at alchemy, the better your potions became. That didn't sound unusual. Unfortunately, Birdie didn't have any water nor a bottle, but they didn't sound too hard to get. It was too bad that Birdie had not a great deal of money at the moment, otherwise a Potion on hand would be very useful.

One more thing he needed to do before moving on was to get a new Pokémon but that seemed like something he could do in the next route while heading to Mr. Pokémon's.

"Let's go, Todo," Birdie said, though it was hardly necessary as the Zubat seemed happy to follow his every command. To get to Mr. Pokémon's house, Vinny had said there were stronger Pokémon there. So, that meant... Birdie had to either get stronger to find a partner. Getting stronger was something that... he couldn't do alone. So, feeling a little out of character and nervous again, Birdie strode towards the next route, his eyes locked on the first person he saw in front of him.

"Excuse me," Birdie said as politely as he could. The person he had randomly picked had, from the back, long, curly black hair and a leather jacket. Presumably, a girl from the way she was standing and the length of her hair. "Excuse me, are you going to Mr. Pokémon's house?"
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