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Originally Posted by DeviLuke.Velia View Post
I'm playing Crystal Version, and have some questions which i can't seem to find anywhere on the net.

Does Max Repel repels all the pokemons whose lvl is below the lead pokemon in your party?

How can i catch Raikou, the last Legendary dogs left, when it always fled before i could use any abilities? I had already used Masterball for Entei.

Will Lugia and Ho-oh flee like Raikou? What's their lvl? Is there a map of the cave where Lugia reside in so i can find my way inside?

Can i enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia? If i can, what do i have to do so i can enter?

Your replies are much appreciated.
Repels prevent Pokémon at a lower level than your lead Pokémon from appearing.

Common Pokémon used to trap the Legendary beasts are Crobat and Gengar because they're fast and learn Mean Look.

They won't flee and are at lv60.

No you cannot enter the Safari Zone through normal gameplay.

It's a bit rough but here's a map of Whirl Islands: