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    Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
    Well i look forward to it either way.
    Gen VI will be complicated as I think coming up with new, fresh and decent looking Pokemon is getting to be a struggle.
    Some Pokemon in Gen V just look a bit... how can i say, "trubbish"
    And gen I was kinda "grimer" I guess then?

    I don't get it. Why would it be hard to come up with more? Do you know how much material there is in the real world to base things off? Not just animals and plants, but even clichés, cultural references and mythological creatures, any combination, reused ideas, elemental abilities slapped onto normal things........and on and on and on..
    Just look at some fakemon galleries and be amazed at what some random fans are capable on their own, LET ALONE GAMEFREAK.

    They made Trubbish, not because they wouldn't be able to think up 150 cool pokemon that all please your specific taste, not because they "ran out of creativity" or anything like that...I would even say they made it more to pay homage to gen I, than for any other reason.