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    I was at first thinking the announcement could be movie/anime related, but I'm doubting it and the reason I'm doubting it is because its on January 8th which is a Tuesday. If it was going to be an anime/movie announcement you would think they would air it on Jan 10th with the Pokemon episode that day, not on Jan 8th which has NO Pokemon whatsoever on TV that day.

    I think it will be something related to the games, whether it is the announcement or the next game or a Wi-Fi event. I'm going to try not to get my hopes up too much in case it is something small like a Wi-Fi event.

    Masuda filmed Smash on Dec 7, and the episodes usually air JUST under a month after they are filmed which means he will probably be on the December 6th Smash episode, so I'm not sure if his Smash appearance and the announcement have anything to do with each other since the announcement is meant to come 2 days after he appears on Smash (unless Im wrong and his Smash appearance is on Jan 13th after the announcement, to talk more about whatever it is).