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Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
Would they really put a teaser like that in for a Wifi Event ?
(I've never caught a WiFi event in time so i wouldn't know)
I remember in September 2011 they teased a Mewtwo Wi-Fi event as a 'shocking announcement;, and everyone was freaking out that it could be a new game.

I do think this one is more likely to be an announcement of Gen VI though. Gen V was announced in January 2010 so if Gen VI is being released in 2013 I don't see why they wouldn't announce it in Jan 2013.

I'm just ready for the next game to be confirmed so I know where R/S/E remakes stand. If Gen VI is coming out next year, I can see an Emerald remake being released on its 10th anniversary in 2014.