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What is your most favorite Zone out all the Sonic Games so Far? Top 3 and from which game?
1.Ice Cap (Sonic 3): What can I say, there's nothing cooler than... well, the cold! lol. But seriously, snowboarding down into one of the most beautifully designed levels i the entire series, what more could you want?
2. Mushroom Hill (Sonic & Knuckles): If Ice Cap is the most beautiful, then Mushroom Hill is the most bizarre! Certainly one of the most fun level's I've ever played in a Sonic game, even if the rest of the game generally infuriates me...
3. Death Egg (Sonic 2): This is gonna sound weird, but I only like this level for it's music, which you can only listen to by not playing the level. lol. But It's so rare to have a technological space song like that sound so haunting. It's awesome!
4. Green Hill (Sonic the Hedgehog): I know it says 3, but how could I not pay homage to the classic, that got most of us hooked in the first place! Addicting gameplay, and great level design, with just the right amount of challenge, it certainly leaves you wanting more, and you don't have to wait long either!

Who is your favorite villain?
Robotnik will always hold a special place in my heart, but I have to go with Chaos. I loved the concept behind him, and he's so well designed. Plus in his perfect form he reminds me of Biolante from the Godzilla series! XD