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    I remember Mastuda being in a Movie Preview that correspoinded to a game and he's been invited for lesser "Surprising Announcements" as stated before.

    They have almost guaranteed something brand spanking new with their Post Card/Greeting Card to that Japanese Magazine. Its not too far off that its not a coincidence. What could be airing is this "Continued Evolution of the Pokemon World". We could get something brand new, never been done before.

    As for the Anniversary, Gen 3 Anniversary is over. It passed and we got Downloads for it in Japan, that was pretty much it. Very little chance of that passing into the US so far.

    We still have the mystery Watches from the movie merchandise, and as it was said, Matsuda could be there to unveil the star or a Co-Star or even a Pokemon that plays a small pivital role like the Spiked Ear Pichu in the Arceus Movie.