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This club looks promising and Ghost types are cool, so count me in!

Name: AlexOzzyCake
Partners: &
Ghosts. Why?: I find the whole idea of Ghost types pretty interesting - are the Pokémon dead or intangible or spirits or something else entirely? They're a type that fascinates me primarily for that reason, though they also provide many interesting quirks and traits to use both in battle and as a partner/companion. Plus many Ghost types have really interesting dual-typings to work with making them really cool Pokémon on the whole!

What do you like about your partner Pokemon?
DRIFLOON IS A FREAKING BALLOON OMG SJGFSKLGH <333 Seriously, how much cooler can you get than a balloon that floats around stealing the souls of small children? Plus it's adorable ahh! And if you held onto its legs you could go floating around the sky and be like "WOOSH I'M ON A CUTE FLOATING SOUL EATING BALLOON WITH FLUFFY HAIR" and then it evolves into a massive blimp of death and destruction and it's just ahhh so cool! <33 /fanboys

*ahem* Anyway, Rotom is cool because it's such an intriguing Pokémon. It's one of those Pokémon that I've always been really interested in, contemplating what it actually is and how it could've possibly come about. Rotom has always been portrayed as a prankster of a Pokémon making it seem like it'd be very interesting to have around on a team, and the whole ability to change forms is also a great feature that I really like working with. And those are my darling partners c:

Do we get a level-up on the first post? If so, Drifloon!