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    OK! New charries!

    Name: Derek Black

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Derek is thin, and quite tall. His pale skin burns easily, so he is almost always wearing a hooded trenchcoat. Not many people see Derek, but to those that do, he is quite intimidating. His deep red eyes are always in a scowl of concentration, and his face almost never leaves its slightly angry expression. He has black hair, and keeps it mid-length.

    Personality: Derek would much rather avoid society altogether, if it was not a part of his job as a Council elite. The growing Plasma threat has worn down on Derek's mentality, leaving him much more likely to snap at the grunts under his command. He yells a lot, but mostly because he wants to uphold his reputation of being one of the strongest elite. He is anticipating a promotion, but he has yet to receive it. This has angered him further, almost driving him to insanity.

    History: Derek grew up in the large town of Castelia city, loving the many ships. He also had a soft spot for water Pokémon. Once he was old enough, he got a Feebas from his sailor father. He loved his Feebas, taking it with him on a journey through the region. He was enjoying the Iccirus Marsh when N came, wanting everyone to liberate their Pokémon. Derek, instead of following the orders by the clearly more powerful trainer, ran into the forest. He lived there for a few days, but quickly ran out of food. Delerious from starvation, Derek stumbled deeper into the forest to find a clearing. Once there, he passed out. When he awoke again, the guardian of the forest, Virizion, was standing over him. She told him to go to the Council, and to fight for the Pokémon. Suddenly relieved of his aliments, Derek walked off to join the Council, Virizion by his side until he left the forest. His resolve solid, Derek quickly proved himself to the Council, and they promoted him to an Elite after a month. He now serves as one of the Council's greatest Elites along with his now-evolved Milotic.

    Allegiance: Council

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