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    Originally Posted by Garet View Post
    I find this roleplay interesting. I believe I want to reserve a Hylian spot...once I feel that my SU will be done within two days.
    Your questions have been answered, sir, and I'll wait to reserve you until you're ready.

    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Purple rupees! This RP looks really interesting, I absolutely love Zelda since my friend got me into the series. Just wondering how involved this RP will be and how fast-paced it'll be before signing up though? Ordinarily I'd sign up to this kind of RP without question, but I'm tight on time in the next few months so I thought it'd be worth asking first before committing :)
    I'd say a post per week should be a minimum, though in a sandbox RP it's more determined by who you're interacting with. The decision, however, is yours to make.

    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    As a Twili, will I have to be in somebody's shadow to move around the world, because of their sensitivity to light? If so, would it be possible to create some form of defense that doesn't require the presence of another, such as a spell that eliminates or merely weakens their sensitivity to light?
    After Midna regains her true form, she's able to show herself in the light. I'd say that the Twili are no longer affected by light, but merely have a natural preference to darkness.

    Are Twili ageless? If not, what is their lifespan?
    They seem to be ageless, though they could die by any means. If I did my resarch correctly, their appearance changes with their age but stops once they are fully matured, around the same time I imagine a normal Human is matured.

    What's the upper-limit on Twili magic, before they collapse from exhaustion/other negative effects?
    I'd leave this up to you to be responsible. As for variety of magic abilities, I'd say it should be 1-3 separate abilities (like warping as Midna does, or maybe an elemental magic, or something else creative, but within reason). Amount of use before exhaustion would probably vary with the user, so long as you're fair with it.

    What equipment are we allowed to have? Such as magic items, etc.
    I'd say, once more, anything within reason. Also keep limitations within the level of technological advancement for the time.

    Are we allowed to have pets? *cough*Maybeafairy?*cough*
    Up to you, but if your character has a pet there should be a reason behind it.

    May I play as a member of one of the Twili Royal Houses?
    If you mean someone who works for the royal family, sure. If you mean someone who /is/ in the royal family, PM me with yoyr proposal and we can discuss it in private.
    Answered you!